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[2E] Becoming more human after Creation

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  • [2E] Becoming more human after Creation

    Topic for talking how long 'zombie-like reanimated corpses' take to become nearly human cognitive Promethean. Is Pilgirmage trait taken in account for this change?

    In my Boston game of Mage I have 'fresh from slab' new Tammuz. We assumed he was Created only 2-3 nights before and being all alone on his own this time, as alchemist that created him die in Generative Act. When mages PCs find him naked in basement, he is half-instinctively petting little cat. He could not speak. How much would take him to become near human in action?
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    According to the "Creation" section in the corebook, regarding making progeny, it takes about a week for all of a Promethean's mental and physical faculties to kick in, during which time they learn about speech and are basically exceptionally large, impossibly-swiftly-developing, infants. It's... a lot of pressure on the creator, having only about a week to set your child up for a long and difficult life. Fortunately, Azothic Memory can fill in a lot of the blanks.

    Your new Tammuz, if they have no creator to fall back on, is going to have to rely almost exclusively on Azothic Memory, so they'll have a rough idea of what they are and what that means, as well as a good portion of the ins and outs of their state, but basically no idea about anything else. Tammuz in particular have a curious relationship to language, with their splat-section mentioning that some prefer to be almost non-verbal until they can master language. Other Created are liable to start talking relatively soon after creation, while a Tammuz will stay quiet- watching and learning.


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      The coolest part of that scenario is that you could have the PCs interactions with him end up shaping his personality. If the players are dicks to him, for example...