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[2E] How grants Vitriol?

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  • [2E] How grants Vitriol?

    So I try to wrap my head how should I reward as ST Prometheans with Vitriol? PtC 2E points when resolving Milestones, but what about those gameplay related? Like should Created get Vitriol Beat for creating his first Disquite effect? What about starting to speak? Seeing someone in love?

    In nutshell - For what thing you would award Vitriol without making those things hard-coded Milestones of particular Created?

    In Mage it's simple - 'Oh, you see this new Mystery - Here is Arcane Beat' or like 'Oh, shiny new spell/Legacy/Artifact - Here is another Arcane Beat'. Corebook guidelines on granting Vitriol Beats are not clear for me.
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    Vitriol gains are almost always from Milestone achievements (see page 105 for a summary). While there are some surface parallels to Arcane Beats and Experience, they are really very different beasts. As befits alchemy, Vitriol is a physical embodiment of spiritual progress. I would advise against awarding Vitriol on an ad hoc basis because it takes the focus off of the Pilgrimage.

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      If you wanted to take the focus off the Pilgrimage, though, what would be a good alternate method?


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        You could treat it like something akin to Practical Experience in Hunter.