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[2E] Disquiet modifiers?

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  • [2E] Disquiet modifiers?

    I run first session of Mage/Promethean crossovers and some questiona of Disquiet arouse on it. My mages were getting most rolls from trying to poke Created with Mage Sight.

    1. Do Dosquiet rolls get bonus from repeating them in the same scene or day?
    2. Do Disquite is higher or maybe do dice tricks ( like 9 Again ) if Created is interacting with more characters?
    3. Do opposing roll of Resolve + Composure gets a bonus from Gnosis, Blood Potence, Wyrd and a like traits?

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    1. Most disquiet checks are made once per scene, so no. You could make it so each disfigurement flare adds 1 dice to disquiet, if you want it to be more dangerous
    2. No, they simply have to roll against all characters individually
    3. No, the only thing protecting you from the burning flame of Azoth is pure willpower.

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      Hm, are you averse to changing how Disquiet works at all? I'd recommend having it eventually wear off as the person gets to know the Promethean, and having modifiers based on what they consider "normal" and "acceptable".