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Aspiration: unite the Created

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  • Aspiration: unite the Created

    I'm wondering, what would be a good approach/path for a Promethean whose goal is to find some way to bring the scattered Created together into more of a community?

    There was a thread about Azoth 10 Prometheans, and I think this would be a very good goal for a very venerable and powerful Promethean, someone who's up to spend years traveling the world and building connections. It could also be a good concept for a midlevel or higher level campaign- the Throng sets out to work on this goal together. Have their attempts start to attract attention, and see how they deal with it: twisted alchemists or hunters who want them to gather all the Created together so they can wipe them out/harvest them and so on.

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    Well the first thing is.... holy crap that's a bad idea. Not what you wrote, but for the poor Promethean trying to do this.

    It'd be Firestorm City if they all met. Heck even just two or three throngs meeting would mean firestorms everywhere.

    Otherwise, if they just want to find a way to connect them "internet-style", that's basically what the Azothic Memory is. I guess a Promethean could try and create an Alembic/Athanor/whatever which would allow long distance communication. Or they could just use the internet.

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      What Magnum said. The 1e story settings for (post-Katrina) New Orleans and Boston touched a bit on building a more connected Prommie community, though, so while it might be a really bad idea, that doesn't mean it can't be an interesting Aspiration..!


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        The most interesting Aspirations are often the worst ideas, I've found. Especially when you're playing something that involves mad science.