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Gaining Vitriol and Athanors after Pilgrimage?

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  • Gaining Vitriol and Athanors after Pilgrimage?

    Charlaquin suggested the idea that Prometheans not on a Pilgrimage could choose an Aspiration to be their primary goal, which they could earn Vitriol from, and I'm wondering if it would work to extend that to post-New Dawners, to resent the themes of growth, change, progress, and the alchemical Great Work (which was basically early transhumanism and often involved immortality). Former Prometheans can choose an Aspiration, which gives them Vitriol; and they can still for Athanors.

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    Vitriol is normally a byproduct of the Great Work, so gaining it after the New Dawn has been completed would be a little odd. My suggestion assumed it was an alternative to the Pilgrimage, something akin to a Mage's Obsessions, a special Aspiration that helped define the character's forming identity just as much as a Milestone might. Continuing to gain Vitriol after the New Dawn would be very strange. Unless they became alchemists, and used whatever method alchemists use to gain Vitriol in your chronicle.

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