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New antagonist group idea: The Redeemers

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  • New antagonist group idea: The Redeemers

    The Redeemers are fanatical hunters of Prometheans who believe that they serve the will of the Principle, and that they're working for the good of both humanity and the Created. Their goal is simple: capture as many Created as possibly and either forcibly turn them human or kill them. The problems with this approach are rather obvious: no amount of brainwashing tactics or torture can advance a Pilgrimage. They have, however, found a hideous half measure: "quenching" is their name for series of intensive brainwashing procedures and alchemical treatments that forcibly break down the will and identity of a Promethean, dulling the fire inside them and making them easily controllable. Quenched are limited in power, but are much less volatile than Prometheans. The Redeemers consider inflicting this state to be a great gift, though few Created agree. They can also turn Quenched into Martyrs- injecting them with a serum that supercharges their Pyros, giving them a large boost in power that ends with their implosion and death. They also consider this to be a great gift. The Redeemers distrust most alchemists, and hate those who wish to transcend humanity even more than they hate Prometheans (though they'd never admit that they hate Prometheans). Their own alchemists are known as Penitents, as they often kidnap alchemists and indoctrinate them to their ideology. They also often work with the Hunter compact known as the Tenders Of The Wheel, who believe in the sanctity of death and mortality and hunt immortal beings and those who try to extend their own lives.

    Their highest authorities are the Interpreters and the Saints. Interpreters are those who claim they divine the will of the Principle through the Qashmal, but what that mostly means is that they tell the other Redeemers what to do and say the Qashmal said they should do it. Saints are Prometheans who have successfully completed a Pilgrimage to become human under the guidance of the Redeemers. This is, to put it simply, impossible. Each of the three Saints completed their Pilgrimage on their own and later found the Redeemers, but the Redeemers claim credit for them. Two of the three are true believers, but the last is only manipulating the organization for their own ends.

    The Redeemers work as villains no matter what version your playing- even if every player and character is fully set on becoming human, they're still ultimately a force for evil: their methods don't actually work in any positive way, and they have no real regard for the personal desires or identities of the Prometheans they hunt down. They represent the worst excesses brought on by the desire to make others conform and assimilate.

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    Well, they are a bit too on the nose, but they can be an interesting alternative for a Chronicle's antagonist.

    I'm So Meta Even This Acronym