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    What if we use all the rules for Promethean but twist the narrative direction instead of a game about becoming human how about a game about becoming a better human without falling off the wheel into insanity or self deception. Imagine all the people out there constantly searching for self improvement or enlightenment and they finally stumble upon it maybe through a drug trip maybe through deep meditation or some extreme ritual they force themselves to perceive their own souls seeing themselves as they truly are and through that a glimpse of the truth of reality. This isn't a mages awakening this is something that only those who deeply seek it will find.
    These are the people who desperately want to be better maybe in a trans-human way but in a spiritual trans-humanism and through perfecting their souls they perfect their bodies, searching out challenges to test themselves on and problems to help fix using their unique abilities. Their curse is not Disquiet but Awe to be Awe is to be worshipped in many cases and just because these seekers have started on their journey they must always fight their own basic desires so as not to stray. They do not have Disfigurements but instead Scars physical representation of their perceived sins and failings by shining their light the cast a darker and brighter shadow. They do not have Pryos they have Spirit the power inherent in all living things. They do not have Azoth they have Divinity the measure of the refinement of their soul and mind. They are immune to the soulless condition because they have complete control over their soul from their first burst of enlightenment. They do not a weakness to fire but giving into what they consider sins or weakness causes them physical and mental harm. They do not heal from electricity but can instead heal and absorb Spirit by finding a place of strong feelings or directly taking it from another living being.
    I really enjoy the Promethean rules and the ideal of it but I have an obession with the stories of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and other stories of humans achieving Godhood through trials and by reading the 2nd edition rules I thought they would be the perfect framework for it. I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on these or similiar ideals.

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    I really genuinely have no idea how Mage doesn't perfectly fulfill what you're looking for.


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      Yeah, this is just Mage with some of the names changed.

      Call me Regina or Lex.

      Female pronouns for me, please.


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        Mage is about secrets and mysteries the ideal i had is more about being out in public being an obvious and open supernatural figure. These seekers would not stay in one place building up a conspiracy or secret society these are people who want to improve themselves and the world and the magic of Mage is very much using internal power to effect external change while these seekers is using internal change to gain external power. Thoth and Buddha are both divinities but the stories and nature of them is different. Mages are about using power wisely. Seekers are about overcoming person weakness. A mage sees a poor man and may give him a spell of good luck. A seeker sees a poor man and lives with the man and helps him stand again to improve himself.
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          So, would this be a world where there's no masquerade? That's a radical departure from ChroD by default.

          And again, I'm not seeing how that's different from Mage in any way. Mages are literally supernatural beings who gain external power through internal change. And I'm not really sure how you can build a line around "overcoming weakness". In the example you gave, how would that actually play out in a session?


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            Well, there's the fangame Irin: the Watchful takes some of the cosmology of Promethean but makes it about angels in human form attempting to reconcile their divine missions as qashmallim with their humanity. It's not quite what OP is looking for, but it meets some of it.

            Genius: the Transgression 2E is a thing that's being worked on.


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              Im looking to tell the story of people who want to be better and the struggle that can cause. I dont think Im expressing my ideals in a manner that is understood. I like the power system of promethean because its about powers based around a philosophy and lessons I like the goal of promethean but Im talking about normal humans struggle to become better superior humans enlightened beings and how easy it is to fall off that road and lie to yourself.


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                Here are some things to consider if you're looking for ways to explain it: try describing some of the powers you imagine characters in the game having. Try writing some short sample paragraphs about characters you would make for it. Try describing an example of a session of play- what the players would actually be doing.