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Gotta Do This Before You Live-Essential Experiences to the Human Condition

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    Well yes, but didn't Matt already address that adequately with his post? Or did you only want to dig deeper into that aspect of the topic?

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      I do want to dig deeper. We're talking about experiences in an essentialist context, with creatures that are people but also aren't. Matt had mused on subjectivity, but the topic descended from a situation in which someone leveraged their power and privilege to spread a cultural norm. That thar threw my mind into an anthropological gear. All of the suggestions here are great experiences I heartily recommend, but why might we suggest seeing a specific film, over peeling twenty pounds of potatoes, for example? How should one's relationship to the advisor be taken into account? Would one undertake the experience to better understand themselves, or to better understand the advisor? What happens if one finds the experience alienating or confusing, as a Promethean might?

      If we're discussing this as a Promethean topic, we may want to look at "essential human experiences" through an etic lens. Prometheans don't share humanity with humans, they have to figure it out for themselves. What makes it more difficult is that there is no one true way to be human, no one key experience that is universal. Humanity is frustrating in that it can't be reduced to some pure essence, that it is something more than the sum of its parts, that it's an ephemera emerging from a lifetime of triumphs and disappointments. And if people can dehumanize others over something as trivial as race, class, or religion, then why not over something with as much attributed meaning as an "essential human experience"?

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        This is why Roles exist, they are the essential human experiences that lead Prometheans on the path to humanity. Someone following Aurum in the Companion Role is experiencing what it is like to be part of a group of people. They may go watch "Spaceballs" to fit in better with their co-workers but that's the specific, not the essential part. Similarly, someone in the Savage Role mugging someone is pursuing the essential human experience of using fear to get what you want. Of course, being essential doesn't make them necessary. Not every Promethean will experience life as a Savage or a Companion. They are essential aspects of humanity, but it isn't a "collect 'em all" situation.

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          Originally posted by eberg View Post
          They are essential aspects of humanity, but it isn't a "collect 'em all" situation.
          Is there a role for that? Humans do like complete sets.

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            I can't really think of any suggestions off the top of my head, but "experience something you'd put on this list" sounds like a good milestone, along with "find out this experience isn't as universally significant as it was to you."


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              One from Sesame Street. Can't retell it as good as Jenna might, but:
              There once was a girl who travelled the world trying local foods. When she came back to New York, she found the strangest one of all. Crushed nuts and fruits on yeasted wheat.
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              Also a pair of roles that might postpone the literal torch&pitchforks. Youtube vlogger, and youtube comment troll.

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                I've been a handful of places and seen a few things, so my suggestions for this list of things include:

                1) Go out on a boat so far that you can't see land anymore.
                2) Fall in love.
                3) Be part of a cause for something greater than yourself.
                4) Immerse yourself in a culture not your own.
                5) Build something with your own hands.

                The first and fourth are things that require some travel, usually, but build perspective for you as a person. Doing 4 on the internet is okay, but first hand is, in my humble opinion, and entirely different experience. The first one is something you can equally do in a plains, desert or tundra environment that is large enough. You can even do it from a plane, just looking out and seeing nothing but clouds and sky as far as you can see. It's not just humbling, or about realizing how small you are. It's about looking to the horizon, and feeling like you can just... walk to it.

                The second and third are the ones you can do, theoretically, without ever leaving your home town, much like five. These experiences build you on the inside. Some people say when you fall in love you find your better half- I think that it's more that the person you are with brings out the best parts of you. You do things you'd never otherwise do when you're in love. Being part of a cause does something similar, but in a very different way. You feel a part of something greater- like you will be a piece of history that will live forever, even if it's only a local thing.

                With five it can be as simple as building something out legos, or as complicated as building your own aircraft. Building something yourself, with your own two hands gives you this sense of accomplishment you won't get in many other places. You don't have to design it yourself- making thought into action, design into product, that in and of itself is amazing.