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Blood Sorcery in Devotions?

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  • Blood Sorcery in Devotions?

    So, in 1st edition you had devotions like Arcane Sight, using Cruac as a component, and Eyes of the Dragon which use Coils, the former being right in the Core. In 2nd edition, however, there's no such examples in the core, and Blood Sorcery/Mysteries are more or less considered separate from Disciplines now.

    So, my question is, is it still legal in 2nd edition to have Devotions that use Blood Sorcery or Coils as a component? Or is that simply not something you can really do anymore, and you'd be better off just trying to come up with a Ritual or Scale instead?

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    Just because there's no examples of it doesn't mean it's against any rules to do so. Feel free to translate any 1E Devotions you'd like. We've already done it in my group.

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