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Is the Circle of Crone Actually Patriarchal?

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    Originally posted by MercSet View Post
    And here we go back to ideas of where blood sorcery comes from? Circle's Cruca coming from the darker beast and the Faith based Theban. Blood or Will?
    Given how Strix can use Cruac, and how Venefica has a similar Humanity cap, it seems to me like Cruac is more of an idea that comes easily to Vampires; convergent evolution.

    To answer the OP: As explained in their own Covenant book at length as well, no. In fact, the byline of the Circle, to the extent a loose alliance of cults even has one, is staunchly feminist. Some specific cults are more feminist than others-the Daughters of the Goddess are what happens when you mix second-wave feminism, sloppy and myopic research, and the Beast into one strain of Acolyte. It ain't pretty (seriously, they have a ritual in which they dispose of the only male vampire allowed to have any degree of power once he grows too influential).


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      The Asnam aren't really Gender based, they all think they're Blood Gods.


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        I've always seen the Circle of the Crone as a sandbox; each vampire cult builds their own little castle in the sandbox, and they may even fight for space at times. However, when some vampires from another sandbox (another covenant) come over and try to take their sand from them the entire sandbox bands together to push out the invader. Once the invader is dealt with the sandbox will go back to being at odds again.


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          There's a little tidbit about this in Secrets of the Covenant.
          The Circle as a whole, according to one of its members, isn't especially feminist, but it is mostly centered on women. In many cities it follows the neo pagan convention of the Triple Goddess, but in many others it just doesn't. It may follow an aspect of St. Mary as an image for the Dark Mother, for example.

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