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    Originally posted by Tessie View Post
    You do not roll for each individual creature in the swarm. Nothing in the rules says that.
    What Rathamus is getting at is that if you take "When taking the Beast’s Skin, some Gangrel can instead become a swarm of small creatures: Size 0 or Size 1 animals" as meaning that you use the form's stats for rolls, you would also need to consider the fact that the form is not one animal but dozens, possibly hundreds. In theory, each bat or whatever would have a bat's strength and brawl, but they all attack as a single combatant, so it doesn't really make sense to roll a single bat's strength + brawl for an attack being made by dozens of bats simultaneously.

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      What nobody seems to have mentioned here yet is that there are rules for a Swarm of Vermin, published in the Chronicles of Darkness main book.

      The Trained Guard Dog profile (p.121) "Doubles as: K-9 hound, wild animal, swarm of vermin, genetic experiment."

      So the Vampire's attack dice in Swarm Form should be 6, in the same way that if they become a cat their attack pool drops to 3 or if they become a Badger it becomes 5.

      6 dice to attack, ignoring defence, while gaining the massive defensive benefits of Swarm Form still makes it a bargain - especially as other disciplines can be used at the same time to further boost the damage and resilience.

      The uncertainty makes sense if there aren't rules for a swarm that involve rolling its Strength + Brawl to attack...but there are.