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  • So this might have been discussed earlier in this thread but is it me or is the blood god kind of meh. For all the effort and resources you put in you just get a strong vampire.


    • The Blood God has a few advantages over Kindred. One it can be crazy massive if enough vitae is invested in it during it creation. It can feed on any flesh, so it lacks the feeding restrictions of Kindred, you can feed it kibble and bits which it inflicts lethal damage on feeding.

      It's a designer being so you have control over it's form that you don't get with just embracing someone.

      And it doesn't have a humanity stat, so it never has to fear getting 0 humanity.

      And best of all, the same vampires that made it can bring it back to unlife if it's killed or banished from the earth by conducting the rite again this time more powerful then it used to be if they choose.

      It has a humaniod form, but that doesn't mean human, it could have antlers, a mouth of sharp fangs, three eyes, multiple genitals, flowers, four arms, as long as it remains humaniod. A head, arms, torso, legs.

      Its powerful, costumizable, and far, far less human then any Kindred, it has far more flexuble deit then Kindred and if its creators exist they can use the same rite to make it to resurrect it. Its basically the Vampire equivilant of a Prommie.

      Blood Gods also can't embrace, create ghouls, but if they are created with Cruac 5 the can create other Blood Gods and other weird stuff.

      Even weird if one of their creators has the Primal Creation Cruac Style they can get pregnate, possibly giving born to a very weird Dampyr.
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      • One curious question?

        What rituals do you think a Chorister is likely to be taught or to seek out... Id go with "The Pool of Forbidden Truths"

        as A. it could give a member of the Invictus or Carthians help with their manifold problems... and could help to enlighten their souls, thus hopefully slowly but surely pushing them towards the circle.


        • It all depends on why they joined the CoC for what goals, and what rituals are available.

          If they have any powers that benefit from higher presence, they may want to go with one that boosts presence, if they want more secrets, they may go with pools of forbidden truths.