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Secrets of the Covenants: Bleed the Sin

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  • Secrets of the Covenants: Bleed the Sin

    Bleed the Sin scale is super strange. It's the only scale which is worthless for someone who wants to learn it without having the prerequisite, and it also allows completely free purchases of Humanity if you have the scale at 2 dots. Also, given that those trait's cost 2 XP to increase, it feels like it's a leftover from previous scaling of experience costs.

    So, I'd like to propose a change, so that the scale simply reduces the cost by 1 XP. That way, non Ziva mystery followers, can benefit from it, and it can't be free.
    If it was intended that this should only be possible to Ziva followers, than at the very least it should have a limitation "to a minimum of one xp"

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    Personally I'd say that it reduces the cost by 1 XP minimum and make so that the cost scales like this:
    4 beats
    3 beats
    2 beats
    1 beat


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      So I've recently been wondering about purchasing Scales without the prerequisite.
      Do you have to at least be studying the Coil that the Scale is nestled under, or can any Dragon just pick it up for 2XP?


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        Well, someone need to teach you the scale which is a lot easier to do if you're already involved with that particular mystery.

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          As long as you can find a teacher any dragon can learn any scale and even then, if you use the researching/inventing rules for Scales, even a teacher might not be required

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            A character with Coil of Ziva may learn these Scales.
            - Secrets of the Covenants, page 201.

            Sounds like Ziva might be an exception, and a vampire must have at least one dot of the Coil to buy its Scales.

            Going by Willow now, or Wil for short. She/Her/Hers.