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  • Fragments of Ahannah

    This is something I wrote up for my players to retrieve in our Athens modern nights chronicle, where they are investigating reports of a slumbering Methuselah from a lost clan in Athens. They are the Vrihi (from the ancient Greek βρυχός, "to roar"), who aided the establishment and flourishing of democracy and the arts. This particular fragment recounts the first meeting of Ahannah, possibly the first Vrihi, and Lilu (from Mythologies), who sees himself as the Father of Revenants (he's met all the great ones, Dracula, Longinus, etc.). Lilu was not born of a mortal womb, instead he rose from the dirt toiled by humanity, as the "Below" part of the form of murder. The gods, fearing humanity might use murder to rid the world of them, exiled him in Nod, where concepts too alien or dangerous (like the Strix) are exiled, so that they may not materialize in our reality.

    Hope you enjoy this!
    The monsters had them dragged,
    the sons and daughters
    of the Five Cities,
    to the king’s palace of sin.

    Though no one came for us
    we suffered too,
    from their screaming as the soldiers
    dragged our neighbors away.

    Fathers wept and sisters tore their clothes
    as their young and unspoiled were taken away,
    to walk the long march,
    toward the place of defilement.

    Even under the gaze of the sun goddess,
    when the bloody kings slept,
    they cursed the rulers and the five cities:
    Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim, Bela.

    The palace grew so fat with death
    that the cannals that once carried their waste to our slums,
    ran red with blood, and thick with guts,
    and attracted the king’s brood that lived in our midst.

    One night, when the soldiers demanded
    a list of names to be offered to the god king,
    they were taken to our cemeteries
    and shown their cenotaphs.

    The king and his brood were enraged,
    unable to accept that their gluttony
    and decadence had grown so,
    that it was impossible to know the dead from the living.

    So they left their palace of death,
    and came to our streets and outside our homes.
    And the King proclaimed:
    “Feast on those you can get your hands on.”

    That night, they took me
    to the palace of sin,
    my body desecrated,
    my blood stolen and my soul scarred.

    Wherever my eyes would turn,
    I could only discern red.
    The eyes of the king and his monsters,
    the flesh, and the blood, and the innards...

    My dying husk was carried to the pit,
    where soldiers poked us to know we’re dead,
    and feed our remaining blood,
    to the fiends stalking the cannals of the town...

    I surrendered willingly to the darkness,
    though it would not have me.
    “Ahannah!” I heard a voice,
    “We must leave this place. Come.”

    That was the night I met Father.
    He took care of me, and held my hand,
    as I rejoiced when the fire came down,
    and the waters cleansed the blood.

    That was the night I swore,
    never to have my body defiled again...
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    are you going to post a Vrihi Clan writeup?

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      Clan Vrihi

      If the stories the Vrihi tell of their origins are true, the Kindred and kine of Greece owe them a great debt for birthing what essentially became classical civilization. Their progenitor, whose name they bear, arrived here from a faraway land that was almost destroyed by the Owls. They pushed democracy and higher forms of organization among mortals, so that the Birds of Dis would find it near-impossible to do in Greece as they had done in Vrihi's native land.
      This is the story they tell us. When Vrihi came here, he embraced two of the most gifted mortals he came across in these lands. In his descent from the forests and mountains of Epirus, he came across Doris, a fierce warrior whose followers placed unquestionable loyalty in him. Doris was embraced, for his capacity to inspire and bring even the unruliest warrior into the fold. On Minoan Crete, whose matriarchs had brought great advancement and prosperity to the island, he embraced a young woman by the name of Atana. The girl was famous among the educators in the palace of Knossos, for her insight and oratory skills. One birthed the vision which gave rise to Athens, which she imparted on her childer. The other went to Sparta, organizing a balanced, militaristic form of government.
      Shortly before their separation they exchanged promises: the metropolis of one would never threaten the metropolis of the other. This all changed when the Lamia usurped power in the lands of the Lacedaemons… These Medusae originated in Northern Africa, and had been previously unable to establish foothold anywhere in Greece. In Sparta, Doris made the mistake of agreeing to meet with them and their caravan, to deliver in person his message. “Leave, or suffer Final Death at our hands”. By the time their meeting ended, Doris willingly handed Sparta to the Lamiae and agreed to serve by their side. It was out of pity that Atana sent her assassins, to liberate Doris of his undeserving fate. The rivalry between Athens and Sparta, that would climax in the Peloponnesian Wars, had just begun...
      Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Majesty, Obfuscate

      Clan Bane: The Seething Curse – Wherever this clan goes, it develops prosperous and stable civilization. Some even obsess over the peculiarities of their undertaking, manipulating time and giving the same speech over and over, until they are satisfied with the passion they have instilled unto others. Like philosopher kings and queens, they repeat mantras and visions of the future, until they seethe into the land. After a while, mortals and Kindred begin to change, growing connected to the Vrihi’s Beast and its moods. Whenever a Vrihi rolls a dice pool related to Frenzy or Predatory aura, the results also affect anyone caught within a radius equal to the vampire’s Blood Potency rating in yards.

      (note: the clan's legend, and the fragment of ahannah, are contradicting on purpose)
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        Three graeae visited Vrihi, on the night before the Owls attacked. They opened the eyes of his Beast to the truths of immortal Time, past, present, and future. Her hands now discerned the heights and depths, and all details on the bas-relief of History. He was ready to survive, stepping out of time and watching helplessly as his Kindred were devoured by the demons of Dis. He had to survive, the graeae told him, so that he could travel west where his -and his childer’s- service was needed.
        Attunement, the most basic power of Temporis, allows the vampire and its Beast to begin to grasp the possible applications of prerequisite disciplines outside the limitations of Time. Vampires advancing their mastery in this gift are often shocked to discover that the more they understand Time, the less they can hold on to their sense of continuity -and indeed reality. After extended use of Temporis, many vampires begin questioning the present and whether what they see is truly taking place.
        All Vrihi gain the first Devotion, Attunement, soon after their embrace. Additional Devotions have prerequisites as normal, and cost 2 Experiences each.
        The Beast becomes attuned to the exact passage and flow of time, as well as any supernatural distortions to it.
        Consult the Moirai
        Through this devotion, the effects of the Beast's Hackles are extended to a slightly wider time frame. The Beast, now better attuned to Time, can perceive things that happened a few seconds ago, or will happen by the end of the scene.
        Prerequisite: Auspex 1
        Cheat Atropos
        Retroactively erase any memory of your presence from a scene that happened as earlier as one week per dot of Blood Potency. Your actions are not canceled, and indeed they may be recalled vividly by onlookers. But any characteristics or signs that could be used to identify you, fade away from the memories of those who witnessed them.
        Prerequisite: Obfuscate 1
        Wrath of Ananke
        The Beast skips forward a turn in time, witnessing the outcome of an action you are about to perform, and reveals it to you in the form of a vision. Effectively, the vampire can re-take an action just performed, re-rolling the dice pool, or simply abstain from taking any action for the turn. The maximum number of actions that can be re-taken in a scene are capped at the vampire's Celerity rating.
        Prerequisite: Celerity 1
        Touch the Thread
        With a simple touch, the vampire severs the target's perception of time, making them disoriented, feeling removed from its continuity. Some parts of their surroundings appear to slow down, while others to have sped up uncontrollably.
        Prerequisite: Obfuscate 3
        Clotho's Touch
        The vampire is now capable of cheating Time to the point of appearing to travel through it, for a number of scenes equal to her Celerity rating.
        Traveling forward in time, the character basically fades away from Time itself, re-emerging in her future destination. She does not skip to the future point however. She lies hidden safely outside the perceptions of others -indeed outside of Time. Her perception and undead body (if necessary) are altered to ignore the passage of time entirely, until she has reached her destination. As far as the vampire is concerned, the leap occurred instantaneously.
        Things get stranger when the vampire travels back. Essentially, what took place in the present becomes a vivid vision that is transmitted to her past self, who can now alter her actions and the course of events that would have otherwise followed.
        Prerequisite: Celerity 3, Obfuscate 1 (for traveling to the future), Auspex 1 (for traveling to the past)
        Summon the Disposed Thread
        The vampire summons forth a solid image, a materialized illusion of an object or person from another time to the present. These entities were not, however, removed from their own time. They possesses and are capable of demonstrating what would be expected of them, in terms of knowledge, skills, memories, or function (in the case of objects). Eventually, summoned people or items simply fade out of existence.
        Prerequisite: Majesty 4
        Veil of Time
        Distort the perception of time for all those present inside an entire large area.
        Prerequisite: Obfuscate 5
        Summon History
        Summon to the area a historic event that manifests itself as a materialized illusion, similar to Summon the Disposed Thread.
        Prerequisites: Obfuscate 5, Majesty 4

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          Basically, I am running two chronicles, one set in ancient Athens and another in contemporary Athens, that are meant to converge. I was tempted, at a certain point, to make the Vrihi's unique gift one of manipulating the space around them with their Beasts (avoiding connections to the Trujah). But my players just had too much fun at the Battle of Salamina, when Athena (Atana, Ahannah, there's a historical easter egg there) appeared briefly and summoned Minoan and Mycenaean fleets, to scare off the Persians.

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            maybe I've missed something- but how does exactly democracy or any form of government actually protects one from the Owls? Sure, it may make things a bit harder to manipulate, but they can spread chaos just fine no matter what is the level of organizations, I think.

            Also- it looks like all Virhi gain access to some form of "bloodline gift"- so are they also all belong to the same "bloodline" (that is, can't belong to another one), or do they can also become a part of a bloodline?

            My Homebrew Signature- Because I need one. If you use any of it, please share with me how it went!

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              Love the lore and ideas, but a bit confused as well. How does democracy help against body snatching owl demons? How the hell does a Clan not only have four Disciplines but two special Disciplines and Clan specific devotions? And how is that Clan Bane a curse? The Bane is what dictates what kind of Requiem the vampire is in for, it should never have any positive side effects. Even if unintentional. (Ok, that turned into a bit of a rant. I do love the idea and the lore behind it. But this looks more like a demigod than a Kindred at present.)


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                Sorry, was careless when posting (been really busy with finals). I mixed up draft notes and polished stuff...

                Basically, whenever they fail a Frenzy or Aura roll, it spreads and backfires as they are the source.

                As for the four disciplines plus gift, that's because in modern nights, they fail to produce true Vrihi childer. Instead, the single, surviving Methuselah would produce Mekhet childer.

                Will post some better quality stuff soon...

                Edit: As for their obsession with democracy, well, their Revenant founder survived the fall of the five cities. Kings were corrupted by the Strix and no one dared question them as they demanded larger and larger sacrifices...

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                  In-game notes of an NPC on the fragments, for my tabletop group.


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                    Fragments of a Hannah? Which Hannah? What happened to Hannah that she's all gone to pieces?

                    (Sorry, couldn't resist. )

                    I'll see myself out.


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                      Originally posted by Caitiff Primogen View Post
                      Fragments of a Hannah? Which Hannah? What happened to Hannah that she's all gone to pieces?

                      (Sorry, couldn't resist. )

                      I'll see myself out.
                      I laughed more than I should have...

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