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Secrets of the Covenants: Hidden Devotions

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    Originally posted by Shawarbaaz View Post
    I'd love if Onyx Path would release a Devotion creation Guide, pointing out what Disciplines should be used for what and such.
    While it's first edition, the advice in Danse Macabre still works very well for that.

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      I just realized that Talking Circles technically lets you drop 1 Vitae to interrupt someone else's social action, start Social Maneuvering, and then powering through it in a few seconds by just burning Vitae. That's pretty good.


      Also, too bad that Punching and Fucking doesn't carry other Majesty-based powers - otherwise you could do the magical girl┬╣ thing with BFFs,

      ┬╣ Magical Corpse Blood-Chan!

      I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

      So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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        welp, "Call Me Maybe" won't be leaving my head for another five years