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Bloodline Update-The Brothers of Ypres.

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  • Bloodline Update-The Brothers of Ypres.

    Right now I'm working on a bloodine update for the Brothers of Ypres from Ancient Bloodlines. I'm gonna post what I've got so far in the second post, and I'd be really grateful for some help in updating it.

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    Bloodline Conversion to 2e: The Brothers of Ypres
    Clan: Mekhet

    Nickname: Trenchers, Jones

    Disciplines: Auspex, Obfuscate, Celerity, Resilience

    Other shadows aren't like you; their blood wasn't born in the trenches of the great war, and so you're blood is tougher than theirs. Few other shadows can kill as well as you, and those that can typically don't have your advantages. Of course, with your strength, naturally you must prey upon those made weak by poison; but be honest, you were going to do that any way.

    Background: The Brothers of Ypres originated with Pvt. Owen Thomas Jones, a man that supposedly died at the Second Battle of Ypres during a chlorine attack on Hill 60. Jones states that he was already dead from the attack when he was embraced, but the only ones who truly know how his embrace are Jones himself and long-deceased sire. Over the Great War Jones and his bloodline flourished, and Jones himself became a well known figure among the Elysiums of the Trenches. Jones' blood became rather potent quite quickly, and the more paranoid kindred would believe that Jones' enemies lost their unlives not to the Great War, but to the Fangs of Jones instead. The chemicals used in the attacks of the Great became entrenched in Jones' blood, and this benefited him and his kin greatly. When the War ended Jones set his bloodline loose with one order: the Bloodline would never be the cause of great sickness upon people, but that they would always benefit from it where it could be found. Ever since, Jones and his bloodline have been found in places of great disasters; Chernobyl, the Vietnam War, the Gas Chambers of World War Two and the Aftermaths of the Atomic Bombs.

    The Becoming: When a Trencher embraces it is hardly ever without a specific reason in mind, and more than a few Trenchers explain very little of the History of their line or of Jones himself. Bringing Kindred into the bloodline is unheard of simply because other members of the bloodline are competition for food even more than other Kindred already are. Trenchers also have a certain habit of collecting dangerous chemical substances, and Jones himself has recently come into possession of Iraqi Nerve Gas; this can be represented in game via the Stash of Chemicals merit, or anyway the ST approves.

    In the Danse Macabre: Many Kindred hold a certain dislike of the Trenchers, and for good reason; wherever a Trencher is there will be poison in the food supply. This dislike has led the Trenchers to make very few friends in the All Night Society, but some Trenchers can be found within the Carthian Movement because of how much they can upset the status quo; whether or not the Movement will keep them as comrades or boot them out of the city once the Movement takes it is a matter of debate. The Ordo Dracul has found members among the bloodline for the merit of being interesting to study, and some have tried to develop coils to strengthen their toxins.

    Bloodline Bane: The Trencher's Curse
    A Trencher may only feed on those who have a type of poison or toxin in their system; the toxin may be the one produced by their own bloodline, or it can be from other toxins, such as a mortal overdosing on some drug.

    Bloodline Gift: Asphyx
    Your kin have powers over toxins, and this power lends a gift to your blood: Each night upon rising, you must internalize a stronger or weaker toxin to be projected. The stronger toxin has a toxicity equal to your blood potency and does lethal damage, whereas the weaker toxin has a toxicity equal to your(Blood Potency + 2) and does bashing damage; these toxins cannot affect creatures that are not affected by toxins. A member of your bloodline gains the Tear Gas devotion when they enter the bloodline.

    Tear Gas: Any fluid that the Trencher can excrete from his body will carry the toxin that he produced that night. Many Trenchers coat weapons with some of their blood when activating this devotion.
    Vitae Cost: 1

    Mustard Gas: A Trencher with this devotion can breathe out a cloud of his toxin; many trenchers use this ability when outnumbered by their enemies. The cloud is equal to a size of (Yards x Blood Potency).
    Vitae Cost: 2
    Requirements: 1 Celerity, 1 Resilience
    Experience Cost: 1

    Agent Orange: The pinnacle of the Asphyx gift; the Trencher can turn himself into a cloud of the toxin he produced that night; barring damage from his banes or sorcery the Trencher is immune to all other sources of damage. Many Trenchers use this form not only as a means of attack, but as a means of escape; after all few creatures can damage them in the heat of the moment. This form follows the same rules of the fifth dot of Protean.
    Vitae Cost: 3
    Requirements: Resilience 5
    Experience Cost: 3

    New Merits
    Stash of Chemicals (1-5 dots): The character has recently acquired a dangerous chemical of some sort, and dots in this merit represent it. The first dot can represent chemicals such as rat poison, and as the dots go higher more dangerous chemicals can be acquired; each dot in the merit represents how much toxicity a chemical in the stash has. Any character can take this merit.
    Drawback: Acquiring toxins of one or two dots may be a simple affair, but toxins of three to five dots is never so simple (especially in large quantities). The character must have an in-game reason for acquiring these chemicals (whether that be through arms dealing or stealing it).


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      Here's a thing.


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        Heya! Saw your idea about the trenchers. It's neat to see what other members of the community think about the same idea... Now I'm curious about what went into this. I gave them nightmare because of the whole, "Horrors of war internalized" bit. The massive destructive power of chemicals, in their blood. Naturally, one might argue for vigor or resilience instead (As you gave them the latter) but I kind of feel like they're more about the thing you can't touch, the thing you can't fight, but will get inside you and eat you from the inside-out. The monstrosity of war without limits, defined.

        Admittedly, this is a more abstract take rather than resilience. I mean other +Nightmare bloodlines are more... Mystical to match the discipline's less than concrete nature. Mara, Carnon. Even some who have +Nightmare approach it more based on fear than eldritch power like the Eupraxus. Still, I found that resilience speaks more to me of actual upfront fighting as a role, as opposed to being something so horrific in nature.

        That said, it seems you may have seen the writeup after Shavalyoth of Kingsmouth edited it given a handful of similarities. Not saying there's a problem, just observing.

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          I think that would be the Apshyx part, correct? I probably looked over it and wrote it down thinking it was a good idea (I've been working on this for a couple days), so I probably forgot to include them as inspiration (and the somewhat stealing). So, thanks for telling me about Shavalyoth of Kingsmouth, I might check it out later. The rest of it I'm pretty sure was my own write up, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, this definitely isn't the final version of their update, as I said I'm looking for help.

          I like your take on why they would have Nightmare (the horrors of war, after all), and I admit that's a really good idea. I primarily gave them resilience because while war is horrific, it also has those who survive to remember the war. I might switch their other discipline over to Nightmare, and then I'd end up rewriting the devotion requirements to match.

          Though part of me wants to change the Apshyx design because I feel bad about stealing someone else's hard work.


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            Truthfully, I'm not in contact with Shavalyoth anymore. She liked to keep her professional life (Staffing for Kingsmouth) and her personal life separate so I don't have a skype or anything. That noted, I have no real problems with you using the writeup Shavalyoth and I contributed to. I can't speak for her of course, but my take and mine alone is, "Whatever. If anything, it's kind of flattering." as far as any similarities go. That noted, I also wonder about the implications that their founder was a diablerist. I mean, his blood potency rose really quickly for whatever reason and diablerie is more or less the dark side in that it's a quick path to power even as it corrupts you.

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              Going by the original description of the bloodline in Ancient Bloodlines it mentioned that Jones' (the founder) had black streak marks in his aura as his enemies began to die off. I imagine that's partially why their bloodline is poisonous; it makes them a blight upon the land wherever they go.