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  • Bloodline Conversion- Lygos

    Hey everybody! Haberdasher here with another bloodline conversion! I know this is a couple days late, my semester started back up again this week and I kept forgetting to post. Today, I present the Lygos, Nosferatu whose obsession with darkness and shadows surpasses that of the Mekhet!

    The biggest change with the Lygos was their bloodline bane. Originally, it gave them the Blinded and Deafened Conditions when exposed to light, which I felt would have been too similar to the Khaibit if I translated the bane directly. I actually got inspiration for the revised bane from the Lygos illustration: now, they have to resist the impulse to flinch or even go into Frenzy when they see sudden light; I worked this into their backstory. Their bloodline blessing is in the same vein as the one I gave to the Cockscomb Society, in that it allows the vampire to apply their disciplines to mundane abilities, but in this case, it improves their combat abilities, which keeps in line with the Devotion they got in the clan book. These guys could make good combat-focused characters- if you don't shine a light on them, that is.

    As always, leave thoughts and comments. Next week, I'll wrap up the clan book bloodlines with the Adrestoi, a Ventrue bloodline with a literal Midas touch!

    Bloodline Conversion- Lygos

    It isn't darkness you need to be afraid of. It's not bad, it's just the absence of light. What you need to be afraid of is what you can't see in the darkness. The things that hide in the dark, live in the dark. Things like me.

    The Nosferatu are often stereotyped as the monsters who dwell in the shadows. But even among the Nosferatu, there are monsters in the dark. These creatures of pure darkness think light is just as blinding and terrifying as humans think darkness is. These vampires are the Lygos.

    The Lygos love darkness and hate light with a fervor that borders on the religious. The darkness protects them and conceals them, and brings them unwitting prey to feed on. The light reveals them, blinds them, and leaves them vulnerable. They leave little offerings and sacrifices to the darkness, that it may ward off the light. Always, those gifts are taken. And always, the darkness provides.

    Background: The Lygos are a bloodline who date back to late antiquity. According to tradition- one kept strictly within the bloodline- the Lygos are indirectly descended from Longinus himself. The story goes that one of Longinus' childer, a Mekhet of considerable power, rebelled against her sire's teachings and traveled from Egypt to Ethiopia, following rumors of a church that had been built on top of the tomb of pagan gods, beings so profane that they had driven away the Lord's grace. She sought out the church hoping to awaken these supposed gods, that they might challenge her sire and help her undo his work. What she found were not gods, but close enough for her purposes- Nosferatu of great age and terrible power. When she roused them from torpor, they utterly consumed her utterly, Vitae and soul.

    What happened next changes from telling to telling, based on the personal beliefs and tastes of the Lygos telling the story: some say that the Lord, pleased with the Nosferatu for destroying His disciple's apostate childe, gave them a dark blessing, granting them an affinity for darkness to surpass the erstwhile Shadow's. Others say that the Lord's anger at this sacreligious act manifested as a terrible light, and the Nosferatu, in their horror, prayed to the night itself for protection from all lights, which are terrifying echoes of that divine radiance. Since that day, the Lygos have shunned all light, and clung to the bosom of shadow.

    The Becoming: Lygos don't often Embrace childer, since that typically requires venturing outdoors, which they try to avoid when possible. Besides, few mortals have the mindset needed to accept an existence cut off from the trappings of civilization. Most Lygos are adopted into the bloodline from the main clan, usually those who already spend a good amount of time in the necropoli favored among the Haunts. If there can be said to be a pattern among the Lygos in characteristics, it is that they are often skilled at Stealth and Intimidation.

    In the Danse Macabre: Even in domains where their numbers are significant, Lygos are a rare sight in mainstream Kindred society. The closest contact that most vampires will have with this elusive bloodline is a representative who represents what interests the bloodline has that lie outside of the shadows. For the most part, the Lygos stay away from the intrigues of the All-Night Society, and keep to themselves and their own clan. In the necropoli of the Nosferatu, the Lygos almost always end up in positions of leadership or influence, becoming an infernal nobility or umbral defenders of the Haunts' twilight kingdoms. Nowhere are they shunned by their cousins, for even the most hostile Nosferatu know that they have simply adopted the darkness, whereas the Lygos were born and molded by it, and to fight them under the earth would be to court disaster.

    Clan: Nosferatu

    Nickname: Shades

    Bloodline Bane: The Lygos are perfectly adapted to dwelling in the dark. Unfortunately for them, this adaptation leaves them them vulnerable to the light, and they will react violently to its sudden presence. If the Lygos experiences an Instant increase in light level, he must roll Stamina + Composure: on a failure, he is stunned as he reflexively flinches and tries to cover his eyes, losing his next action and being rendered immobile until his next turn has he struggles to adjust to the light, and has half Defense until his next turn. On a failure, he must roll to resist Frenzy; if he succumbs, his Beast will attempt to move him away from the source of the light, or extinguish the light source if escape is impossible.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Nightmare, Obfuscate, Vigor

    Bloodline Gift: Bump in the Night
    Some foolish Kindred might laugh at the sight of a Lygos flinching from the lighting of a match, but they often realize their mistake when they hear the chuckle of a Lygos in utter darkness. Lygos can see perfectly in total darkness, and suffer no penalty to vision-based rolls because of it. Additionally, when in full darkness, Lygos can spend a point of Vitae and roll Wits + Stealth + Discipline to aid them in combat. Using Obfuscate allows them to blend more fully into the shadows, adding successes rolled to their Defense. Using Auspex enhances the clarity of their vision and reflexes, allowing them to add successes rolled to their Initiative or Speed. Only one effect can be in effect at a time, lasts for the remainder of the scene, and stacks with effects of other Discipline abilities.

    Haberdasher's Requiem Conversions and Homebrew