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Soundtrack suggestions for a VtR 2e game

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  • Soundtrack suggestions for a VtR 2e game

    Going to be running a 2e game set in Cuidad Juarez and El Paso, TX. Probably going to be borrowing from Narcos sound track and Red Dead Redemption, but could use some general suggestions for ambient sounds.

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    Tabletop Audio has a variety of loopable ten-minute tracks, some purely ambience and some with music, for a variety of settings including modern cities, deserts, and Vampire-friendly locations like sewers and derelict warehouses.

    Craig Oxbrow
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      I'm sure I've extolled it before, but Fennesz + Sakamoto's Flumina is a great album of melancholy, occasionally creepy, ambient music.

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        Just hire a mariachi band to play throughout the entire session... just joking. The background music doesn't have to fit the setting though.


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          Calexico present an American cross border take on mexico and Mexican music. might give you that sense of not really belonging to one side of it or the other.


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            I don't think I can help much with music thematic to the setting you're mentioning, but I have general advice just in case. The main one would be to select a lot of music. The last vampire game I ran lasted a year and I had about 120 tracks for it. I didn't use absolutely all of them, and some of them I used only once, but I had that many ready in case I needed them. Basically, I wanted to have one track each for most of the important characters, one track per district of the city (26 in total) and a broad selection of tracks for various moods or types of scenes. The fact that game had a bit of a cyberpunk feel, but had vampires from pretty old times meant I could easily get very different types without it being too out of place.

            For the sources, I picked from various stuff, from classical music, to video games, anime, movies, and some electro or... other stuff. I'm not a fan of "ambience" music because I feel it lacks personality, but it's also important to not pick a tune that's so closely associated to a specific thing that players will just think of that thing and not what's happening. That said, you can also play on that. I designed a specific building where the conclusion of a game would take place to have a large round window to fall through so I could play "Rain" from Cowboy Bebop. I also totally agree that the music doesn't have to match your setting. You run the risk of getting repetitive and stereotypical if you stick to one type of music only.

            In the end, I'd say, just make sure you use music you like. Don't be afraid to search a while, and youtube is pretty good for that.