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    Hello I'm trying to join a game with a Ordo Dracul character, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice. His mystery will be The Coil of Zinitra, and the character concept is a Dark mage. His goals basically amount to accruing more arcane power, but I'm not sure how to translate that into roleplay. Mechanically that means he needs more xp, but that doesn't help me roleplay him better. The only thing I can come up with is hunting down Wyrm Nests or kidnapping humans with supernatural merits. If it helps, I'm familiar with the game mechanics, and a bit of the lore, but I've never actually been a part of a WoD game that lasted longer than one session, so I'm severely lacking in experience actually playing the game.

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    He sounds like a Mekhet. Did you choose your clan yet? The clanbooks are sort of dry reading but the Mekhet and Nosferatu ones have characters like this, dark magickers of various levels of power. With actual sorcery and sometimes other strengths at their command.

    Remember that while there is a lot of supernatural power out there, for many, knowledge is power. Knowing the banes of other vampires, knowing things you can use to leverage them into action, knowing of strange supernatural beings who can be called to action on your behalf. Why kidnap humans when you can blood bond them and watch them act normally, maybe have them report to you about other opportunities? Chop them up when you need, until then, do your research. Maybe the barista who can light cigarettes with her fingertip has a grandfather who can burn down buildings with a thought.

    Lots of ways to play it. As above I'd imagine they'd be socially open, but primarily opportunistic about it. They wouldn't just lounge around with nobodies when they could be talking to someone who knew something. Share little about themselves, mostly soaking in other people's words and thoughts. Up to you how outwardly powerful they want to be, remember that the more grandiose your character makes himself out to be the more attention they'll get, for better or worse.


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      That's very helpful, thanks He is a mehket by the way, specifically a SanGiovani, I enjoy the thought of having zombie minions. I only skimmed through the Mehket clan book, I also read through the Ordo Dracul book, but I'm not sure how much of that applies to 2e, I didn't notice much that might need to be changed, other than the titles being altered to account for the extra coils, and that the Twilight Judge Job seems to be covenant wide now. That said, it's been a while and I should probably re-read through that. Again, thanks so much for the advice!
      EDIT: You've inspired me! I was at a loss at to what to use for a touch stone, after all what does a power obsessed Dark Mage use to remind him of his human nature? But I've got it, check it out and tell me what you think -
      Amber Eboncross: Artorias's adopted daughter. He originally took an interest in her because he saw her picking the pockets of passerby on the street. Telekinetically. At first he intended to experiment on her. But as weeks have gone by and he continued his ruse of adopting her to gain her trust, he finds himself liking her, and worse(from his perspective at least), actually thinking of her as his daughter.
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