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    So storytime: our new requiem chronicle just started and one of my players is a scientist of the Ordo Dracul (because he enjoys mad science like that) however he decided to take Secret Society junkie and mystery cult initiation. okay. I asked him what his cult was and he said he wanted to join in The Frankenstein Club, a group trying to replicate Doctor Frankenstein's creation. He then said he wanted one of his aspirations to be that they would succeed in their efforts. Now he has no idea promethean the created was even a thing but i did and i did know in advance this was a crossover chronicle (mostly, some groups like beasts, mummies and probably werewolves aren't in it) so now i've got myself a nice shiny promethean 2e pdf and i notice the alchemists.

    Now this player loves alchemy and mad science as a concept so this would be right up his alley, so i'm planning to include both a new promethean npc (with no forwarning on how things like disquiet and wasteland work) and an alchemist who's be willing to work with/for him. looking over the rules though i know he'd really enjoy using alchemy, it would fit the story, i'm not averse to minor templates being added to major ones so long as they aren't redundant and frankly considering it's weaker than most Disciplines due to time restraints, i figured it would be appropriate to let him have it once he works for it a bit (i'll be having him roll to learn more about pyros as he interacts with both the promethean and the alchemist letting him know what his options are). since magnitude is ill suited to stack with a major template here is what i have cooked up:

    Dracul Alchemist (Merit 5)
    Requirements: Ordo Dracul Stutus 1, Unnatural Affinity (Prometheans or Quashmalim[if you're insane])
    A Dracul alchemist can refine their unliving heart to sustain pyros within themselves. Taking this merit awards them a reserve of pyros equal to 3 + blood potency. They regain 1 spent pyros per week, however if they drain the vitae of a creature with pyros they may choose convert the drained vitae into pyros for the vampire. Pyros cannot normally be used as a substitute for vitae, whether for healing, increasing traits or fueling disciplines, with one exception, a vampire may spend pyros upon waking from daysleep in place of vitae, using pyros to give their body a swift kick of animation.
    Learning a Distillation is done via the same system as learning a scale with pyros cost replacing the dot rating and the previous distillation replacing prerequisite Coil. The first 3 distillations do not have an exp cost. Creating a known distillation as a magical potion costs the required pyros and requires an extended intelligence + appropriate mental skill roll (depending on the distillation at storyteller discretion) requiring a number of success equal to 5 x pyros cost taking 1 hour per roll. Learning a distillation does not cause humanity loss upon a failed degeneration roll, instead the vampire gains a new condition of the storyteller's choice representing their growing madness from exposure to divine fire. dramatic failure on this roll would likely render the condition permanent.
    A Dracul Alchemist cannot drain the vitriol from a promethean to aquire pandoran dread powers (thank the stars) however they are no strangers to consuming their enemies for power. A Vampire may consume the vitriol of a promethean in the same manner as Diablerie, This does not add experience to their blood potency nor do they gain vampiric disciplines, instead they gain experience equal to the prometheans azoth level + 4 to spend acquiring Distillations. Doing this also gives them a +5 bonus to reserach distillations for the next 4 weeks. However this comes with an unprecedented price, The vampire does not gain the tainted Condition, instead they generate Disquiet and Wastelands as a promethean with an Azoth raing equal to Blood Potency for a number of weeks equal to the prometheans azoth rating.
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    I like the idea. There's a few problems/issues
    1. The coils and scales already get enough xp price breaks to effectively be reduced to 1 xp. Maybe allow them to use vitriol for xp towards distillations or bolstering humanity rolls to avoid degeneration from their creation.
    2. What's to stop them from draining pryos then all the vitae in a promethean?


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      Fair enough on the xp front (plus i did the math and there are 180 distillations so an xp buff there may be needed). No way should it give them a break in humanity rolls, since degeneration rolls for distillations instead inflict madness of some form devouring the quasi-soul of a promethean is the last thing that would give dice bonus to that roll
      And I wasn't clear with the draining, you draw vitae from promethans (or quashmal for the recklessly stupid) that is converted into pyros, the promethean's pyros is unnaffected (the fluff assumption is that since pyros is the animating force of a promethean, justifiable by their healing abilities, that life force stolen from then can be converted back into it's base form: pyros)

      edit: adjusted as per suggested
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        I haven't given Promethean 2ED a proper read through yet, but perhaps you could use the Sanguine Crafting system. Who knows, this Alchemist might be able to combine his Vitae and Pyros to create unique Sanguine Objects.

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          Look Ordo Dracul book and Ancient Bloodlines. In the first one there's a system of Blood Alchemy for Dragons. In the second one theres a bloodline who also uses alchemy, but I dont remember it very well.

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