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Just how "gothic" is Requiem?

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    Originally posted by Charlaquin View Post

    I'm not talking about the fashion of the people depicted in the art, I'm talking about the theme and mood expressed in the writing. Masquerade has a lot of that rebellious, counterculture vibe of Punk and Traditional Goth, wile Requiem is more introspective and melancholy, like Romantic Goth. I say 2e Requiem has a touch of Corporate Goth mostly because I think the style and themes have matured a lot since 1e, and the Corporate Goth stereotype is that they're goths who "grew up" and "got a real job".
    Okay, I buy those similes. Mostly correct I feel, when considering themes and writing. However I might add it's a scale in every three cases, since Masq contains a fair share of introspective and melancholy elements, if you'd like to go that way with the game and both editions of Req contains punk elements to various extents (in that context, I'd even argue that 2e is more punk, because it speaks more freely and in a breaking-of-taboos way about certain things, I think).

    Nevertheless, I agree with your conclusion, by and large. In my earlier post, I associated to the fashion styles of the subculture, because prior to that, the discussion went to somewhat that direction (I mean, speaking about the subculture) and the goth archetypes are mostly (but not entirely) defined by the music and fashion statements.
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      I love the label of 'corporate goth' to Requiem, because I really do feel like Requiem washed off the 'punk' and kept the gothic. There are no Anarchs in Requiem - the Carthians are the closest thing. And the Carthians can be just as totalitarian as the Invictus. There's a strong feeling of 'status quo is survival' in Requiem, whereas in Masquerade the goal is to tear everything down.