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Day Sleep and waking

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  • Day Sleep and waking

    When something disturbs the vampire’s slumber or puts
    her at risk, make a Humanity roll. Success allows her to
    remain awake for a number of turns equal to her Humanity.
    Failure means she remains asleep. Once those turns are over,
    she falls back to sleep without an additional Humanity roll.
    Once she’s exceeded 5 + her Blood Potency successes during
    her waking turns, she can remain awake indefinitely, as if
    she never went to sleep in the first place

    I need some help with this. What exactly are we rolling? Humanity or the Stamina Resolve like fighting the day sleep? How many times can I roll and if you have the ordo thing do you not have to roll? Can you act while you are rolling or is it free?

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    My take on it is if they make the Humanity roll they get to roll Stamina plus Resolve a number of turns equal to their Humanity to accumulate enough successes in order to stay awake and not fall asleep one their turns expire. I'd say the roll is reflexive but they can't spend willpower on those rolls unless they eliminate the Lethargic condition.

    If you have Surmounting the Daysleep, you have to roll the Humanity to wake up but if you activate the Blush of Life you don't have to roll to stay awake.


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      The text suggests to me that, in the most limiting interpretation, two Humanity rolls are made and if the total successes between the rolls is 5 + BP then the character doesn't need to go back to sleep until the next morning. It would be a second Humanity roll after the first to stay awake that is where ambiguity can creep in. You could make it an extended roll of some kind or consider the second Humanity roll to allow waking turns equal to successes the same as the first roll. I don't see anything to indicate that is intended though. I think the limiting approach looks like the intention.

      Warm Face means you wouldn't have to roll while Surmounting the Daysleep would still require rolls, but any turns with active Blush of Life shouldn't count for turns allowed by the roll.

      I would think the Humanity rolls are reflexive.

      If it seems too wonky then I would suggest allowing a Stamina Resolve resist sleep roll after the turns given by a Humanity roll.


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        My read was that, when taking actions during her waking turns, achieving a total of 5+ successes across them allows her to stay awake indefinitely.


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          Originally posted by lnodiv View Post
          My read was that, when taking actions during her waking turns, achieving a total of 5+ successes across them allows her to stay awake indefinitely.
          Do you mean you add up the successes from random action rolls made during waking turns? If so, I can definitely see reading it that way..even though I think that is 100% wrong. But if it works, I guess it is as good as any interpretation. The bold sentence is anything but clear.

          I say wrong because I can't recall ever seeing adding the results of different kinds of rolls together. If such a thing exists elsewhere then I would have to rethink this.


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            I've always interpreted it as:

            You stay awake a number of turns equal to your Humanity. After those turns, you fall back asleep unless you make another Humanity roll. If you repeat this process long enough to accumulate 5+BP successes between all of the Humanity rolls, then you stay awake. If you fail any of the rolls, you pass out.


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              That's how I read it too.