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  • 1001 Vampire Odd Jobs

    So two things.

    1. I've finally started to play VtM Bloodlines (took a while, eh).

    2. I'm a huge fan of the 1001 Story Hooks threads on here.

    One thing I've noticed about the story hooks however, is that they're often quite large, chronicle-sized hooks. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but for my group (pretty much all new to tabletop RPGs) I was wondering, did anyone have any small time hooks or tasks to give a new group of players. I'm thinking of the kinds of jobs that bigger fish would give a bunch of neonates. It introduces the PCs to some of the players in the given city, and also gives some relatively straightforward tasks to let them dip their toes in. From the ST perspective, it lets you see where the group's interest lies as well, and gives some exposure to (for example) the Prince, his people, the heavy hitters of the various Covenants.

    I don't know. Hopefully this makes sense.

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    Cleaning up Masquerade breaches is a favorite.
    Procuring new feeding grounds by taking over a mortal facility sounds nice.
    Oh, and maybe even helping older vampires securing a safe house to host Elysium (or other equivalent) in.

    The Lancea et Sanctum might task neonates to "scare straight" a bunch of mortals into fear of God.
    The Circle of the Crone may need someone to do the drudge work of procuring relatively common materials for their cult activities.
    The Invictus could test neonates by seeing if they can rise to the top of a mortal organization.
    The Carthian Movement might send neonates on errand runs delivering messages between Covenant members.
    I remember the Ordo Dracul having something called "Chasing the Tail of the Dragon" - making them kill a mortal, and see how the shock unfold in mortal society.

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      Gather material components for the various Theban Sorcery rituals. (Some of the stuff they require is odd. This could just be a minor punishment for a minor infraction or lead in to stumbling across another vampire's bizarre experiment, smuggling ring, or planned heist.)

      Clean up "after" a major elysium event. Or supervise the ghouls responsible. (You can insert rumors about Vampire X for the players.)

      If the characters are neonates, pit them up against an elder's mortal catspaw that views the neonate as a threat to "their" career advancement. The neonate is forbidden from maiming, murdering, or using their powers in any fashion directly against the competition to deal with the challenge. (This could be an intro to a PC's sire, extended family, or other mentor who is in turn also potentially evaluating a prospective candidate for embrace. For themself or another kindred.)


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        Bunch of rowdy Gangrel bikers ride into to town, and someone has to inform them of the local Princes edicts, and the local laws. Turns out disposable neonates are both a good way to test the gang's strength and intentions. If things go well potential allies that can travel out of town are the neonates' reward, if not then they may be revived from torpor by those that sent them, and a nod of respect if they mitigated the damage to the domain by contacting the heavy hitters before going down.

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          The type of job assigned often depends on what type of relationship the quest giver envisions with the party, I've had some middle management types send multibal groups out on an open to interpitaion, moderately complexed, 10 day deadline job just to see how they might handle future tasks. If the party do well they get a Patton.


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            The local harpies have the PCs put up posters containing coded messages for other kindred around town.

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              There are some examples in Coteries, reading through I would summarise most of it to.
              I need to know about this (event/new trend/person), go research it for me.
              A Carthian Elder is deflecting, you will assist the coterie that is assisting him.
              I need this resource, you will deal with the (human/danger/busywork) between it and me.
              Keep an eye on this group, I may need to know what they're up to.
              Take this (letter/item/ghouled monkey) to someone else.
              Sort out whoever is making trouble on my turf.