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  • Advanced Swarm Form Devotion

    Just a thing I wrote up.

    Advanced Swarm Form
    (Protean 3, Swarm Form merit)
    The vampire breaks down into a swarm of size 1 or smaller animals. These animals must be predators, scavengers, or plaguebearers, but they needn't be animals the vampire could turn in to using Protean. The vampire retains their normal traits, though they may move and function as appropriate for the animals that comprise their swarm.
    Cost: 2v
    The Vampire causes the Swarm Tilt covering an area with a 1 yard radius, which is doubled for every dot of the user's Protean (to 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on). Vitae may spent after transforming into the swarm, doubling its size again for each additional vitae, up to a number of times equal to the user's Blood Potency. The damage caused by the swarm may be lethal, but it can't exceed the user's Protean. In addition to dealing damage, the swarm may feed from everyone in its area, taking 1 Vitae. Unless the vampire is in a Frenzy, they may choose who is and isnt affected by the swarm. In a frenzy, not only is the swarm indiscriminate, but the vampire will spend vitae to increase its size if possible. Those fed on by the swarm gain the Scarred Condition.

    Most attacks against the swarm are ineffective. Roll the attack normally, including the swarm's Defense, but reduce the final damage of a successful attack to 1 after all other considerations unless that attack covers a significant portion of the swarm's area, and damage doesn't reduce the swarm's area. If an attack deals multiple types of damage, the swarm takes the worst one. The swarm may be functionally immune to other supernatural effects that can't function on the swarm's scale, at the Storyteller's discression.

    This Devotion costs 2 Exp to learn
    There is an advanced version of this devotion that requires Protean 4, Celerity 1,Resilience 2, Vigor 1. The vitae costs are doubled, but the vampire maintains a body (which may act and be attacked normally) as the swarm rages around them. This version costs 4xp to learn.

    Swarm Tilt, for easy reference.

    Swarm (Environmental)
    Animals of Size 1 are generally best represented by swarms, ocks and other groupings of the animals. Swarms are measured by their radius in yards. A swarm inflicts one point of bashing damage to anyone within its radius. A swarm can inflit more damage by condensing. Every time the swarm condenses to cover half of its full area, it inflictd one additional point of damage per turn.
    Therefore, a swarm of eight yards in radius inflicts two bashing damage per turn if it constricts down to a four- yard radius, three bashing if it halves that again to a two-yard radius, and four bashing damage per turn it if condensed itself down to a one-yard radius. Though condensing doesn’t usually happen all that often in nature (save in the case of creatures such as killer bees), it is an easy enough thing for a being with supernatural powers to command them to do so.
    Armor is effective against a swarm only if it covers one’s full body, but even then it provides only half its rating. In addition, targets are distracted by the swarm, suffering –2 dice on all rolls while they are within the radius, even if they’re not specifically attacked.
    Causing the Tilt: The Swarm Exploit can cause this Tilt, as can similar powers from non-demonic sources. The Tilt can occur naturally if someone disturbs a nest of bees.
    Ending the Tilt: The swarm cannot be attacked with fists, clubs, swords or guns. Only area-effect attacks such as a torch affect it. Each point of damage inflicted by a flame or other applicable attack halves the swarm’s size. Once the swarm is reduced below a one-yard radius, either all insects are dead or the few remaining disperse.
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    *looks over* What are the main advantages you are going for here, with this version of swarm form? I think there is an increase in size (though it's also measured differently from normal swarm form) but I'm curious what the goal is.


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      Assuming a favorable interpretation of swarm form (not guarenteed)...

      Unless you are thoroughly specced for brawl, you are probably dealing more damage to more targets with this version. There are no dicepools involved, and damage isn't split. The area is larger. The animal you turn in to doesn't take up a protean slot, which opens a lot of versatility.


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        *Considers* Okay, I suppose I can see it.


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          Why isn't there a Protean ••• (Swarm Form Merit) Animalism ••• Devotion that just adds the Swarm Tilt to the scene while the vampire is in a matching Swarm Form and uses the living animals as a form of "swarm armor" 1/1 (Since a good portion of the resulting swarm isn't even actually the vampire)?

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