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Lower Depths vampires - headcanon idea

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    There's a 1E CrĂșac ritual that passes along 1 BP to the Childer. I can imagine that being somewhat popular among the Circle elders that know about it. Not only have they've been up forever, their Childer are more potent right from the embrace! On top of that, such old vampires are often extremely powerful in other regards as well so they could easily claim they're minor blood gods under the Crone.

    Bloodline: The Stygians
    Ordo Dracul Mystery: Coil of Smoke


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      Well, for me the point of the strix has always been how unpredictable they are, varying to the extreme in power levels, range of tricks, motivation and interests. They can be major or minor bosses, but just as much a momentary spammer in the works, source of info - useful or unreliable - and so on.

      Also important, their descriptions, limitations and capacities have changed between books but what that represents or not is completely up to the ST.

      Are the differences a matter of (mis)information, some kind of change the critters suffered through the ages, "modern" strix some different kind of being that just happens to resemble the spotty descriptions remaining from roman kindred, or a plethora of different species of spirits, some more malicious, predatory or antagonistic than others, that the kindred happen to mistakenly conflate as one out of a mix of ignorance and some minor commonalities?

      And who's to say other beings do not exist that also create kindred with differing natures, outlooks or capacities either, grim reapers, serpents, blacks cats, will-o-wisps, distorted reflections speaking through broken mirrors? All of that is open to tinkering with. There was even an alchemical potion and/or a weird magical pipe in one of the Vigil books (or was it a clanbook? maybe both, can't remember right now).

      Do as you will - though as others have said, Strix = Lower Depths has always been a far from uncommon association in fanon, even in 1e.
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