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Lightning vs. Vampires

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    Originally posted by Rathamus View Post

    3rd paragraph on pg200 Secrets of the Covenants - Coil of Zirnitra:
    It's worth noting that this can cause unintended complications for a chronicle. Not every human Supernatural Merit will work well within a Vampire chronicle. Use firm discretion, and discuss each purchase with your storyteller.

    Hmm... And how does this translates to "vampires can't have Pyrokinesis"?

    That is basically what is in Hurt Locker, which is your basic "make sure it is alright with the ST to purchase any of these powers".

    Still waiting for something like "Vampires can't have powers which gives them control over their Banes". Or any outright statement on those notes. But I think I will wait a long time, because they don't exist.

    The other part of your post wasn't addressed to me I believe, and I have no coment on that.


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      Originally posted by Diggs View Post
      As a natural English reader, I say that means you can do what you want but pyrokinetic vampires are not advised. That is what I was saying by "shouldn't." A pyrokinetic vampire might be possible. We won't be seeing any pyrokinetic vampire sample characters. It is the official word and I imagine people get tired of writing the same damn disclaimer the same way all the time so I am understanding of using literary device even though it may have confused intent. It is what it is. If you think because vampires controlling fire makes no sense and don't allow them, the rules are with you. If you don't care and want pyrokinetic vampires anyway, the rules are with you also. I wanted to point that out because there was some indication of a belief that there was ambiguity. Ambivalence might be accurate, not ambiguity.
      If "might be difficult, but could be awesome" means "advise against" it just looks like antiquated parents advice to teen agers. It is hard (and could be fun), so don't do it! As a proficient English reader, I don't think that is the intent of the advice. The intent is pretty clear; might be difficult, but could be awesome. So go for it if you want to work through the difficulty and believe there is awesome to be found.

      There is no "might" to the possibility. Pyrokinetic vampires are possible, by the rules. They are as possible as vampire Mediums, Apporters, Lay on Handers, Amulet Blessers and Telepaths.

      Now, just because they are possible it doesn't mean they exist in every table. Which is fine.

      On the lightning thing I already said how I would handle. I just think the advice offered by the devs/writers is a slippery slope. People spend exp on a bunch of things, should they all cause lethal to vamps? A character sacrifices their Defense to make an all out attack, should they also do lethal to vamps?

      It is just fodder for shitty arguments at the table.

      Vampires downgrade most damage. Electricity, lightning or otherwise, is not cited as an exception, so it gets downgraded. That is how I would geerally rule.


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        I agree. Electricity damages mortals because its interference with bioelectric signal (heart) and because high heat developed. Heat isn't fire. Some oven can be hotter than some kind of fire, but fire deal aggravates cause it is "mystically" a bane for vampire. As mystical as sunlight is. Sunlight is simply an electromagnetic field (with several frequencies) as the light of a light bulb is. UV doesn't damage vampire in requiem as far as I know.
        And in any case, if we consider high heat as a source of damage similar to fire it should deal aggravated damage, if not, it should be downgraded as all other sources to bashing.
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          Originally posted by MCN View Post
          I don't think that anyone is disagreeing over the form that damage takes. Or, rather, they're all happy with anyone ruling whatever way. If someone wants to say "you invested XP into a power that will deal lethal to vampires" and allow it? No one here seems to be really opposed to anyone ruling that way or the other. And it is an individual ST ruling in this case. Hell, anything and everything you take with Zirnitra is going to be an ST ruling at pretty much every step of the way. Which, by and by, is the ultimate answer to the OP's question - your ST made the ruling, and zie gets final say, there's no rule to argue against that.

          The problem that seems to be coming up is the justifications to allow lethal beyond the above. We're dealing with justifiactions that are inconsistant with the rules as printed. Is it so wrong to address that?
          It isn't wrong but the justifications are where the form of damage is being mixed. If people are thinking of different things when they start their justifying then it becomes apples and oranges. Lightning, high tension wires, house wiring are different situations. I'm seeing them in arguments as if they were the same which more likely means people have different things in mind when they start their justifications. I think it probably just comes down to buying into the invested XP argument or saying pfft to that. As you say, then it comes down to personal preference.


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            In the setting as we've developed it, vampires aren't supposed to be able to control banes. But if you want pyrokinetic vampires, I'm the last person who's going to try and stop you!

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              Originally posted by Rose Bailey View Post
              In the setting as we've developed it, vampires aren't supposed to be able to control banes. But if you want pyrokinetic vampires, I'm the last person who's going to try and stop you!
              Good thing the Ordo is all about vampires doing what vampires aren´t supposed to do then!


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                Originally posted by TGUEIROS View Post

                Good thing the Ordo is all about vampires doing what vampires aren´t supposed to do then!
                +1 and Subscribed !.