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Appropriate skills and merits for WW2 commandos, ala Inglorious Basterds

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  • Appropriate skills and merits for WW2 commandos, ala Inglorious Basterds

    I'm gearing up to run an Inglorious Basterds/Dirty Dozen game in the World of Darkness, and I want to give the PCs some free skills and merits to represent commando training. Not a lifetime of soldiering, but several months of intense training and education by the OSS.

    What should I do to represent that? My current thought is a free dot in each of the killing skills (Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry) plus 8-10 experience to spend on other commando-type skills and merits. Is that too vague though? Should I just give a flat package of skills and merits? Which skills and merits? Is there a specific Fighting Style that would be appropriate to WW2-era special forces?

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    How about 1 free dot in each combat skill and also Athletics, and 10 free experiences to spend on any of these styles:
    Professional Training (combat/espionage related), Unintended Applications (from Demon Storyteller's Guide), Close Quarters Combat, Firefight, Improvised Weaponry, Marksmanship, Police Tactics, Defensive Combat, Armed Defense, Unarmed Defense, Quick Draw, Small Unit Tactics, Fighting Finesse, Choke Hold.

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      I feel like Professional Training (Soldier/Commando) 2 is a given, and probably for free -- depends on how good you want them to be at killin'. You might also offer dots in other Physical Skills instead of just the three combat ones (Athletics, Survival, and Stealth come to mind). Maybe just give them three extra dots Physical Skills?

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        Someone had Enigmas or something, instead of Computers. Encryption? Depending on how close to the source your game is it might not matter.