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    Alright - so I am currently working on making the Zelani into a Bloodline for the purposes of my game. What I've decided to do Serendipity-wise is follow the example of the Khaibit, giving the Zelani a list of devotions that they can learn as they go. Haven't gotten particularly far with it, but working the new systems to the effects of the old discipline have been rather interesting. Since the Zelani are notoriously lucky, I gave them an additional benefit besides these devotions - every time they achieve an exceptional success on a serendipity roll, they gain the charmed fate condition. Every time they dramatically fail, they gain the cursed condition.

    The charmed fate condition is just MtA's Charmed Condition, renamed to avoid confusion with the Charmed Condition inflicted by Majesty.

    Charmed (M:tAw p.315)
    Your character enjoys the protection of magical good fortune. This may spare her from serious injury, ensure that she meets someone whose acquaintance will be valuable to her later, guar-antee that she isn’t the one who gets the short straw, or help her win an important game of chance. You may invoke this twist of fate at any time as a reflexive action. If used to avoid injury, resolving this Condition reduces the damage to 1. Otherwise, neither you nor the mage knows the exact nature this good fortune will take when it manifests — only that it will have a significant impact.

    Resolution: Your character narrowly avoids some misfortune or enjoys a lucky break; the Condition is resolved as described above.

    Beat: n/a
    As a fun perk, I have added another use of the Charmed Fate Condition - it may be used to substitute the usual cost of a Serendipity Devotion. The Zelani effectively pays for the Devotion with their good luck, the same way they might with Vitae or Willpower.

    Now I've made two devotions - Turn of Phrase and Prescience. I'm debating remaking the dodge effect and the perfect timing effect and how I can do this - but I'm really interested in what I might do, if anything, to make Stars in Alignment. A lot of Disciplines got buffed up greatly - but that was already pretty buff, which makes me wonder what, if anything, I might change about it. I'd also like to know the thoughts on the direction I've gone with them, and if the two devotions I did to remodel them are too much, or too little. Anyways, I've gone on too long. I'll go ahead and post up what I have

    Base History Unchanged

    Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Majesty, Vigor

    Bloodline Bane: The Zelani suffer an aversion to enter another person's home without invitation. So long as a home has a living, mortal resident the Zelani cannot enter into another person's home. If the Zelani tries to enter the home despite lacking an invitation, they must roll a resolve + composure roll. Even if they succeed, they suffer (10 - Humanity) bashing per turn they spend inside the home. While the invitation does not have to come from the owner, it must come from a resident of the home. A Zelani cannot use Dominate to force an invitation, but can use majesty to entice the owner or Serendipity to arrive at the right moment to be invited in.

    Bloodline Gift: Serenity

    The Zelani gift of Serendipity is, in essence, a representation of the connection between time and causality that all of Lorna's Prodigy have. Wherever these children go, they are blessed - always there at the right time with the right word to say. No matter what they do, luck always seems to be on their side.

    All Zelani gain one the first devotion, Turn of Phrase, upon joining the bloodline. Additional Devotions have prerequisites as normal, and cost 2 experience each. Additionally, Any use of Serendipity is tweaking luck in the Zelani's favor - any exceptional success rolls grant the Zelani the Charmed Fate Condition in addition to their normal effects. However, when these powers fail dramatically, the Zelani may often develop the Cursed Condition for the rest of the night.

    Turn of Phrase

    The vampire seems to know the exact thing to say to defuse a tense situation or spark a violent confrontation. Normally, she needs to be part of a conversation for a few minutes before enacting this power, but very skilled Zelani seem to instinctively know what to say.

    The character must be capable of communicating with the target to use this power. That is, they must have a language in common. Turn of Phrase functions over telephones and even over non-verbal forms of communications, including instant messaging programs and even written letters (though of course the latter takes some time to have an effect).

    Cost: None for First Use, 1 Vitae per additional use
    Dice Pool: Wits + Expression + Auspex
    Action: Instant

    The player can make this roll immediately upon entering a social situation: a conversation, a diplomatic debate, writing a letter and so on. The power doesn’t take effect immediately, though (see below). The player may remove the charmed fate condition to substitute the vitae expenditure to activate this devotion. This does not give the character a beat.

    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: Whatever effect the character was going for, her words have the opposite effect. A phrase meant to calm an angry comrade might push him into frenzy, while a letter meant to poison an ally against the Zelani’s enemy encourages his trust. The targets gain a condition that pits them in a direction opposite of the intended goal. If the character initiated a social manuever with this, his target immediately becomes hostile.

    Failure: The character receives no bonus or penalty, and must rely upon her raw social acumen.

    Success: A number of turns equal to the (5-Successes) after the initial roll is made, the character receives a burst of inspiration on what to say to achieve her desired result. People listening to the Zelani are inflicted with a condition of the player's choice as though the Zelani had recieved an exceptional success on a social roll. Letters, obviously, do not suffer from this delay, as the character can simply wait until inspiration hits to start writing. Alternatively, if the Zelani is engaged in Social Manuevering, the Zelani may change their impression level to perfect.

    Exceptional Success: The power is activated reflexively, and the Zelani may grant two different conditions instead of one to those she is engaged with. These conditions need not be on the same target, but they can be. For instance, a Zelani may rouse a crowd with both the inspired and steadfast condition - or they may grant the Inspired Condition to her allies while granting the Demoralized Condition to her enemies.

    Prerequisite: Auspex 2

    One of the things about Lorna Zelan that amazes other Kindred is her ability to learn and assimilate new information almost immediately. Although she is at least an ancilla (and probably an elder), she has had no trouble learning how to use computers, cars and other technology that was not in existence the last time she drew breath. She claims that this isn’t any kind of prodigal talent, but simply that she can “see” the path of progress and be carried along with it. Lorna knows, she says, what she needs to know. Whatever the truth, her bloodline has the same capability — they are much more knowledgeable than would seem possible.

    Cost: 1 Willpower or Special
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Wits + Auspex
    Action: Instant
    Roll Results

    The character may remove the charmed fate condition instead of spending a willpower. This does not give the character a beat.

    Dramatic Failure: The character becomes confused and loses access to much of his knowledge. All of the character’s Skills effectively drop by one dot (meaning that Skills at one dot disappear, imposing the normal Unskilled penalty if the character tries use them). These effects last for the remainder of the night.

    Failure: The character gains no knowledge, but can attempt to use this power again after the current scene ends.

    Success: The character can distribute a number of dots equal to the successes from the roll among any skills that he does not posess. No skill can rise higher than his blood potency, however. This knowledge lasts for the remainder of the scene. Alternatively, the player can gain the informed condition related to one of the skills he does have. This does not grant a beat when resolved, and if not used before the end of the scene the condition fades away.

    Exceptional Success: The character may choose to distribute dots as normal, and gains the informed condition related to the use of her skills, which grants a beat when resolved. Alternatively, instead of temporarily shifting dots, the character can use this gift to permanently enhance one skill. f the player has the experience on hand, the character may choose to purchase a single skill - whether he possesses it or not - for 1 experience. If he utilizes this option, he does not gained the informed condition - all his efforts go into picking that skill up.

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    If it's any help, this is the conversion I'm using for my chronicle.

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      Yossarian You know I like the dream visions touch with them. Works nicely.