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Obtenebration: BA how it works?

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    Originally posted by Live Bait View Post
    Number 3 surprised me, when I read the description I believed being able to travel anywhere you could cast your shadow was the intent.
    I'm iffy on that one. I could see an argument either way. My sort of feel on it is that since the light's gone through something, it's kind of a different shadow.

    Keep in mind, this is all super touchy-feely. My education's in theoretical physics. So if I start thinking too hard about the specific details of how Obtenebration works, my nose starts bleeding.

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      As Ba states "However, she’s not constrained by anything that wouldn’t stop light." I wouldn't say it matters if the shadow is the same on both sides of the glass. For Iteru That's something to consider but if a friendly Khaibit is standing outside the Onyx Path Publishing building and wants a quick word with you Ba is probably good to get in to your office.
      Do they have nice big windows to let plenty of natural light in? Do you feel safe there even after dark?


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        So Ba can only fight Strix if they're on walls or something, got it. Its less than useful for its purpose, more than useful for making things go die when combo'd with other Obtenebration parts (Tyet, Pseshkf can be nasty combos).


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          Than you MachineIV for the reply. I'm surprised that I understood the intention pretty well. It was good to explain the doubts that many of us had. I have a feeling that lots of Khabit players will have more difficult fights with spirits and other ephemeral creatures since moving along solid objects isn't always possible and reaching the enemy means spending more vitae.