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    Vampires are undead monsters.

    Their Humanity is a ticking clock waiting for them to finally act like one.

    Clinging to Humanity does not mean acting like a human, or a good person, it's clinging to the last vestiges of what you were, even if that means only watching it from a distance.

    Besides, even if the vampire is lurking around with Obfuscate, that doesn't mean they can't pick a mortal to associate with in private.
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      I'd really like to see a totally separate christianity-styles Covenant that preaches salvation for the Damned and specifically struggle against becoming the monsters that L+S preaches it's their divine duty to be.

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        I would point out that any group that considers a Vow of Silence normal is likely to accept all sorts of strangeness (I swore a vow never to stand in sunlight least others seeing my face lead to vanity). Also the further the monastery is from the Mother Church in Rome the more likely aberrant practices and even beliefs are to arise among its members. It was common for frontier churches to mix pagan practices into their worship, just dress it up in orthodoxy and you now have Saint Thor, patron saint of storms.
        This is why the Guttenberg Bible was such a big deal, like Webster's Dictionary it created a common source of reference that didn't change.
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          No one knows who takes the night time confessional at St Augustine's Abby, its a matter of idle speculation and rumour amongst the brothers in fact. Its always the same person, that same pair of piercing eyes just visible behind the screen, that same velvety and inviting voice with its dulcet meter, that same aura that arouses unrestrained candour. Nobody really takes confession during the day anymore.

          Try as you might you'll never see the mysterious confessor enter the booth, nor will you see them leave. Accepted thought says that there must be some concealed means of egress and entrance; a cunningly hidden secret passage behind a wooden panel. Brother Jacob once spent hours inside trying to find the hidden door to no avail, the abbot was wroth when he caught him and set him harsh penance for his curiosity. Its definitely not the Abbot though, once as I exited the booth after taking the sacrament I observed that the abbot was lighting candles and only the holy spirit may be in two places at once.

          Most times the Unknown Confessor speaks very little outside the ritual of the sacrament, Instead letting their palpable acceptance and the weight of one's sins to steer us back into the arms and forgiveness of the Lord. Sometimes however it isn't content simply to listen, these times it ask questions. Not merely of the details of the sins volunteered for which one's seeks contrition but of other and darker things. Sinister, blasphemous things imagined and hypothetical but heretical and disturbing in nature. You can always tell when a brother has had one of those confessionals. They all vary in reaction but there is a shared look as if they have been struck to the very quick and core of their being.

          Brother Aldous had that look when he emerged two weeks ago. He spent the rest of the night sobbing and begging before the Virgin Mary, Ignoring the others who sought to aid him in his distress. Afterwards he refused to sleep at night, napping only briefly in between day prayers which he attended with frenzied devotion. The last thing that he told me, in a breathless and fearful whisper, was that the Confessor knew what we had done together. We found him dead in the middle of the cloister the morning after with no mark on him but a single cold tear on his cheek. I haven't been to confession since. The others have all begun to notice. I can no longer avoid it though the idea fills me with terrifying thrills.

          Tonight I give my confession.

          ​sorry i just had to...


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            I wondering - What have narrator and Brother Aldous done together?

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              I have no idea, cant say I thought overly hard on it, I leave it entirely to the readers choice and interpretation


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                As I plan to run this abbey story next, I come to verify my ideas. It will be monastery at Isle Iona in 799, few years after famous Lindisfarne raid. Abby is mostly typical 'copying center' run by Abbot. He says they have small lepers colony that help in their godly mission. In reality, those are Lancea Sanctum vampires from Nosferatu Clan - Elder Sire and his two Children. Officially, lepers are running night masses past dusk, to 'not grief God with their visage'. Abbot is Blood Bonded by Sire and all Nosferatu are feding on monks and nearby peasants that break Ten Commandments. Does this sound pluasable in Requiem setting?
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                Conquest of Paradise - Fan Dark Era about Portugal and Spain conquests in XVI century - Mage & Beast ( & Hunter )
                My Hubs - VtR 2E System Hacks, MtAw 2E Legacies and System Hacks & WtF 2E Lodges and System Hacks