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Gangrel feeding Strategies.

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  • Gangrel feeding Strategies.

    was just thinking

    The Mekhet Can use auspex to find weakness, and obfuscated to hide themselves.

    Nosferatu can cloak themselves with obfuscate too... and paralyze someone with fear.
    Ventrue can give commands with a reasonable certainty of being obeyed.

    Daeva can charm their way into getting what they want

    Hows a Gangrel get blood without either "Causing a scene" or learning other clans disciplines.

    Protean only becomes that useful for feeding at 5 dots. (turning into vapor, is an EXCELLENT way of bypassing locks)

    Well yes, they could just take a dot or 2 of herd or feeding ground.


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    Animalism. At lower BP, use Animalism to summon or control animals to feed on. At higher BP, create a blood orgy.

    I guess that's causing a scene, but Majesty is pretty dramatic too.


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      Protean 2 you can wall climbing and enter in an open window at fifth floor or slip inside the door fissure.
      With animalism you can eat animals until blood potency 3 or command the dog of a passer-by to run away in that isolated alleyway.
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        You can use 360 degree vision to check if nobody is looking, you can hunt as a dog, dingo, wolf etc.


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          Haven of Soil in a place where blood is likely to run, traveling somewhere there's no competition for food, hitting her with the seductive beast or just being good at the fundamentals of hunting so you don't need any shortcuts. Bloodlines of course allow extra disciplines but you already touched on that.


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            Making a scene isn't an issue in some places. Go after campers and night fishermen, coast guard or junkies. There's plenty of places no one's going to call the police or run to assist if they start hearing screaming.


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              Drinking from an homeless, lonely drug-dealer, going in the slum and bite someone; the kiss is subtle and let your victim confused and not aware of the real nature of the kiss, she will not scream. Let him unconscious.


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                Originally posted by Marcus View Post
                With animalism you can...command the dog of a passer-by to run away in that isolated alleyway.
                Hey that's really clever! Less of a scene causer than the blood orgy.

                I always find Animalism to be the most underrated discipline.


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                  Lashing out against prospective human prey for anonymous one night stands or aggravated assault against an isolated target.


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                    Originally posted by RomulusGloriosus View Post

                    Hey that's really clever! Less of a scene causer than the blood orgy.

                    I always find Animalism to be the most underrated discipline.
                    I think Animalism is really powerful. The first let you command a flock of birds or a rat spy. The third let you summom every animal in a long range; even in city you can summon a biblic plague made of rats, birds, dogs.... and the swarm tilt from demon is really awsome: 1÷4 damages at turn that bypass armor, -2 to any rolls, no way to disperse the swarm without area attacks like flamethrowers or explosives....
                    And this just for the fkocks part, having 4-5 dogs to fight against your target is a really dangerous plus...
                    The forth allows you to create a little riot against your enemy, or let your enemy fall in frenzy against her allies.

                    I think the flock could arrive in 2-3 turns... anyway you could wait for your animals army, merged with concrete.
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                      Protean 1 + grapple is a great ambush tactic. Lashing Out to seduce-fear-dom someone is pretty clever. Animalism for animal blood. Blood bond people.

                      Remember, the thing about Gangrel is that they're animalistic. That means we're going to be pushing towards hunting like an animal. Remember the Gangrel clan blurb in the core book? "The Ones You Can't Kill." That really should be "The Ones You Can't Stop." They're the ones that hunt you down and you can't stop them from the hunt - their Protean adaptions let them go anywhere, find you anywhere, overcome any obsticle. They chase you down, wear you out, and then when you can't run anymore, they pounce. Look at the Chase rules - this is exactly where Gangrel excel at. Can't be tired, have a good Stamina score for Stamina+Athletics runs, thank you Resilience. Protean 2 has several adaptions to help out here as well.

                      With the exception of Animalism and agg-claws, the Gangrel power set is generally based around survival. Outlasting the opponents. Very Resistant oriented. Generally, resistance is passive and/or reactive, so you need to swing things into that direction. Arrange situations where you can pull out that resistance and make it shine. Chasing down victims or ambushing them (patience and all that) is the key here.


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                        Gangrel may lack the social and mental disciplines of other clans, but an urban hunter willing to spend a little vitae to get plenty more could, for example, use Protean to turn into a dog or cat—since they are predatory animals, after all—and you don't need to do this to hunt animal prey, either.

                        Just wander the streets for a few hours, pausing now and then to look piteous and bedraggled, whimpering or miaowing for attention. Eventually some compassionate soul or street person is going to at least want to pet you and give you a drink of water or a bit of their sandwich. Sniff and nuzzle at your prey in 'gratitude', followed by a happy lick at their palm or wrist or (if you can leap into their lap or arms) their neck, followed by a careful bite (you do have fangs, after all) . . . with any luck they may wander away from you feeling a little lightheaded (and you a little warmer with their blood), but it could just be explained as a long tiring day mixed with the warm fuzzies from taking care of a poor stray . . . and, of course, if they decide to take you in, there's nothing saying you have to stick around, unless you really want to.

                        (And, of course, should you run afoul of someone less savory and more violently inclined, what are they going to say once the tables turn? "I tried to stab a dog in that alleyway to get my jollies and it nearly tore my ear off"? They might not even have anything to say if you decide to remove one more imperfect predator from the world to fill your veins . . .)

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                          Jump somebody in an alley, take their wallet and it's just another violent crime. If you let them live the act of feeding, as Marcus already stated, leaves your prey confused about what just happened attributing all side effects to a bump on their head.
                          It's boring and inelegant but why complicate things.


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                            ... And if you kill your victim, command a couple of dogs to shred him. Another attack by dogs gone wild


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                              "Another"? Is that a thing that happens in other parts of the world? It'd be national news here in Sweden.

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