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    Originally posted by FutureBondVillain View Post
    Awe's duration is: Scene. It's literally that.
    If you want to extend it beyond that then it's up to you. There is exactly zero in the description that even suggests it does, as far as I can see. But I'm not getting into an argument about what people WANT to do with it; that's up to you and your group.

    As for removing Majesty dots from Wits+Composure I'm fine with that. It makes sense. But, as a corollary, it only applies for things that you'd have to make a roll to see.
    I'd imagine you have people notice obvious things without rolls, and none obvious things with rolls. I wouldn't get people to make rolls to notice someone beating someone else to death, on the same bus they're on. So even your zombie stare does nothing there.
    There is something on here that says it doesn't just suddenly wear off when awe shuts off. Rose posted it when she was explaining how majesty works.

    It was something like, you have this friend who is able to convince you to do just about anything. You don't think it's wrong or suddenly freak out when they aren't there. They are just super awesome and given some time to think about it when they aren't there, you turn it on yourself. Maybe it was a bad idea to do X thing, but it was probably just your bad judgement at the time. Maybe next time you'll make better choices.

    Not omg what did they do to me? They must have mind controlled me. Oh no! Call 911! they are a vampire!

    Next. I sure hope you are ok with Subtracting majesty to perception checks. It's in the rules.

    Have you ever worked as a cashier or a waiter or something along those lines? You are ringing up people and touching all their stuff, you might even talk to them. Ask them if they found everything or having a good day. Then they walk away and you can't remember if they were tall or short or what color shirt they were wearing. Or anything that they purchased?

    Have you ever been looking at your phone while someone was talking to you and then they ask you something and you just don't have a clue what they just asked?

    You sort of just zone it all out.

    Sure you might not need a perception check to notice what color shirt Bob is wearing, but once that VampX turns on awe, who gives a fuck about whatever Bob was saying to you or what Bob was wearing.. or even that bob is repeating your name to get your attention.
    VampX has willed all eyes on him and there is a spot light on him. Your attention and your focus are on him and you need to roll your wits + comp - majesty to notice anything else .. that's the rules.
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