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What's the role of the Ordo Dracul

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    Originally posted by RomulusGloriosus View Post
    At the same time, the Ordo Dracul is the only covenant that is looking for worthy members at all. The Invictus views all Vampires as under their law, it just takes effort and merit (and age) to rise within the Covenant. The Lancea et Sanctum actively proselytizes and offers purpose to the wayward neonate. The Circle of the Crone welcomes brothers and sisters into the fold to become children of the Dark Mother. The Carthians need all the help they can get. The Ordo Dracul? They don't need you. They have secrets that men would kill for, and do. You need to prove yourself to them.

    Not everyone can do that, necessarily.
    Yeah, that's my reasoning. They're a bit more exclusionary than the others. They also spent most of their history in hiding, if the covenant book is to be believed. That being said, the setting is ambiguous enough that they could just as easily be the largest covenant, but keep that fact under wraps.

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      Originally posted by RomulusGloriosus View Post
      The Ordo Dracul are scholars and loremasters in a purely scientific, objective sense. In a society where all five are present, with the Invictus or Carthians in charge, they are the ones who will offer their Prince the most straightforward answers to phenomena in the CofD. The Lance and the Crone, while they explore the supernatural, are very much religious organizations with their own dogma, faith, and taboos. A Prince may want the power from a certain Wyrm's Nest, but the Lance tell them not to look beyond their mission to God, and the Crone tell them that it is a sacred place and must remain undefiled and only in service of Our Mother. The Dragons will tell them "eh, yeah, with a certain arcane manipulation, we could theoretically use the Wyrm's Nest to power a devotion that makes it so that anyone present is unable to lie to you. I see no reason we can't do that with a little effort."
      So they are the Kriegers of the Vampire world...neat.


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        A group of dragons I thought about were particularly focussed on that fight club concept. They ran both private and public fights to maintain a broad range of opponents. As such, they provided one of the main forms of entertainment to their peers and an elysium of sorts.


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          Ordo Dracul provide an "Academic Atmosphere". The only other covenant that comes close is the Lancea Sanctum, and their Libraries are far more likely to be biased towards the religious beliefs of the local vampires (whatever those may be) than objective. Of course, any organization can and will have Academics, but Ordo Dracul is the first place you should think of when you want any form of academic information involving the supernatural (and even the completely natural, though you could just go to a normal university for that).

          They also have a function on an organism level. Every organism needs to poke and prod their surroundings to determine if if something is Food, Fuck, Dangerous, or Tool. How do you learn something new? You poke it. Play with it. Stick it in your mouth. Try to sleep with it. Think about it. Hit it with a rock. Maybe you find out something helpful. Maybe it was dangerous and you get hurt. But at least you learned something. This is a basic thing organisms do.

          The Ordo Dracul poke things. They poke, and poke, and poke from every angle they can think of. They do this more than any other covenant, with maybe the Crones in second place.

          They are also probably the most likely to have connections with other supernatural beings, simply because they are always poking at things. This is relatively minor, because all the covenants would probably like to have connections with other supernatural beings, but the Ordo Dracul just have a natural inclination to have the most contact (for better or for worse).


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            Yeah. The Lancea et Sanctum are archivists but they're equally bookburners when it comes to anything that disagrees with them. And the Circle is more likely to be a word of mouth type of thing, which lends itself to the problems of the game of telephone in the longform. They even had special individuals sort of like the Kogaion who were the lorekeeper for the group.

            For better or worse, the Ordo Dracul apply some scientific method to the supernatural and their archives would be less cluttered by personal biases. Not fully, of course, they're still vampires and were still once human.

            Also, they're the only group trying to get rid of the downsides of it. Everyone else is of the 'Embrace the Suck' mindset.
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              Originally posted by MCN View Post
              Wouldn't that be the Circle? They specialize in Occult, they have rituals that deal with ghosts, they have divinations that can point you in the direction of a doorway, they can probably have a ritual to open said dooorway....

              Heck, even the Circle's predasessor in Dark Era's London specialized in supernatural contacts before they got into Cruac.

              I would suggest they serve a very similar societal role to the Circle. They just come at it from a different direction and would most likely be quite different to deal with. Likely there's a lot of variance in personal preference when it comes to which you'd rather deal with.


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                This has probably been said by someone else but the way I see it, looking at it from a broad prospective and from the prospective of how it works in my games-

                The Invictus: the old money, the past traditions, the ones of good breeding and the so called "vampire royalty" and their servants. The Invictus considers itself the true heirs of the Carmilla Pact from the heyday of Imperial Rome. They serve as the primary structure for vampire society and stand as the slow changing foundation to provide something stable for vampire society.

                The Carthian Movement: the up starts and new money, the new kids making a name for themselves and the ones trying to affect change on vampire society. This isn't so much that they believe in democracy as it is they are the force of change against the slow moving Invictus and serve more to balance things out so as to keep vampire society up to date, they also tend to be the most easy to ascend in the social ladder.

                Lanceum Et Sanctum: while the Invictus may be the old traditions, the Sanctum is the reason for why. The Sanctum seeks to provide a higher calling for the kindred to keep their minds off the beast and their hunger, they coat it in rituals and ancient rights because it is something many kindred remember from their former lives, almost like a touchstone of sorts.

                The Circle Of The Crone: the Sanctum doesn't appeal to everyone, the circle serves to pick up the stragglers. The circle and the Sanctum fill many of the same purposes but both are important because while the Sanctum is the structured and orderly one the Circle is more flexible and chaotic. No two kindred are alike and vampires need both approaches to function.

                The Ordo Dracul: the Ordo Dracul is dedicated to evolving the vampire race to untold heights, to ending the bane of the sun and to find new ways of channeling the beast within. Where the Sanctum and the Circle do this with rituals and ceremony the Ordo applies a more scientific, or perhaps alchemical, approach. The circle and the sanctum can keep their tomes and grimoires, the Ordo has testing and experimentation.