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  • Bloodline Conversion- Deucalion

    Hey there, everybody! Haberdasher here with a new bloodline conversion. Today I present the Deucalion, a bloodline of Ventrue who took their clan's belief of innate superiority and ran with it straight into the arms of the Carthian Movement. Once you get past the posturing, they are unparalleled scholars of the many variations of the Blood, and are the Firebrands' go-to experts on bloodlines. Beyond that, they have a remarkable ability to temporarily afflict other vampires with the banes of the clans, and even grant vampires a reprieve from their own clan bane. But their arrogance and certainty in their own perfection prevent them from truly achieving it.

    The Deucalion have something of a reputation for being the "neo-Nazi" bloodline, since they focus so heavily on Ventrue superiority and purity of blood. And that could always be an option, especially in a domain where the Carthians have a more fascist flavor, but I wanted to emphasize that actual racial/ethnic supremacists are rare among the Deucalion and have a tendency to get themselves killed if they aren't set straight. So less "skinhead" and more "country club snobs with some geneticists thrown in."

    Impurity got overhauled, since the nature of the clan banes changed from 1e to 2e, and I wanted to reflect their foundational drive to perfect themselves and other vampires. So now its a Style Merit that lets you seriously mess around with other vampires. I also replaced it with Nightmare in the discipline lineup since I felt that Nightmare is a good thematic representation of "you now have the weakness of this/these clan(s)."

    The next bloodline up will be the Zelani. I'm still trying to wrestle with how I do them, since a lot of their abilities could simply be interpreted as Merits. But once I finish them up, I will be moving on the bloodlines for the Circle of the Crone, since I've had several people ask me to do those.

    Bloodline Conversion- Deucalion
    You are incapable of escaping your limitations. It's the inevitable consequence of being a primitive being.You are the latest twig of an outmoded clade. I don't have to do anything. Evolution will sort you out.

    The Deucalion are a proud bloodline. All other clans are as imperfect and impermanent as clay, while they are as inyielding and enduring as stone. The other clans are cursed with defects that prevent them from reaching their full potential. When the Deucalion fail, it is a personal failing, and not a defect of blood. Of course, the Deucalion cannot express such views openly- calling the Nosferatu Prince an evolutionary failure for being incapable of venturing out in public to feed doesn't do wonders for one's life expectancy.

    Background: The Deucalion started with Victor Spanos, a Greek-American man who was an outspoken member of the Nativist movement in New York City. Spanos was Embraced by a Ventrue of the Invictus who believed that he could use Spanos to gain influence over local businesses, but Spanos cut all ties with his mortal life and fled west to escape death for his temerity. Spanos had never been academically inclined, but he began to pour through books on history and mythology to find evidence of vampiric existence. He decided to join the Ordo Dracul to gain access to their records, and eventually came to the conclusion that all vampire clans were in some way inferior to the Ventrue: the Mekhet too weak, the Nosferatu too obviously monstrous, the Daeva too dependent on their prey, the Gangrel too susceptible to the Beast. In his mind, the Ventrue “bane” was actually an adaptation that allowed them to become better predators of humanity.

    Spanos wrote a treatise on his work, crafting a hypothetical lineage of the Kindred that presented the Mekhet, Nosferatu, and Daeva as being members of the same lineage, and Gangrel and Ventrue forming their own seperate family, with Gangrel being the more primitive of the two; the Ventrue sat at the pinnacle of his posited tree. The Dragons publically expelled Spanos for his work, and so he turned to the only covenant that would permit a neonate to present such radical ideas: the Carthian Movement.

    Spanos' ideas and rhetoric immediately made him many enemies among the Firebrands, but some members of all clans were inclined to hear him out. Spanos had refined his theory, so that he now believed that Ventrue as a whole were without blemish, but individual Lords had their own specific failings, that that with time, members of all clans could circumvent their banes: anger management techniques for the Gangrel, addiction management methods for the Daeva, and a focus on Obfuscate over Nightmare for Nosferatu; the Mekhet he merely counciled to no Embrace. Over decades, Spanos formed a devoted following and staunch haters, but most Kindred who met Spanos agreed that he was a likeable if patronizing Lord, and they laughed at his inability to find fault in his own clan- and, by extension, himself.

    One winter night, Spanos met a vampire whose wretched appearance made him assume she was a Haunt. She said she was a member of a lineage that was made up of just herself and her sire: she possessed the ability to track any vampire if she only knew its name. Spanos thought this meant that she was some advanced form of Gangrel, but she told him that she was a Lord. Outraged by this, Spanos fell into Frenzy and diablerized her. Fearing that he had been infected with the vampire's impurity, Spanos began investigating her claims, and stumbled on the existence of bloodlines. Spanos was finally forced to accept the fact that the Ventrue were fallible if they could develop such pathetic and aberrant offshoots. He directed his followers to begin researching everything they could about bloodlines, not telling them that it was in the service of creating his own bloodline. Over the following years, Spanos discovered many bloodlines and diablerized several vampires to give himself the strength he needed to thicken his Vitae and form a bloodline. Finally, in the latter half of the 20th century, Spanos entered Torpor and rose after a decade. When he emerged, Spanos found that he could inflict the banes of the clans on Kindred and even briefly absolve them of their banes. Spanos declared his experiment a success, and rechristened himself Victor Deucalion, after the figure from Greek mythology. However, within a year of his return, Deucalion learned that an unknown party had placed a bounty on his head, and so after inducting his Ventrue followers into his bloodline, he vanished, maintaining contact with his bloodline and supporters by letter. The Deucalion often speculate who the mysterious party who ordered Victor's assassination was; some place blame his sire, others suggest his former brothers in the Ordo Dracul.

    The Becoming: While Victor acted as Avus for the first generation of Deucalion, most Deucalion are Embraced directly into the bloodline. Despite stereotypes, only a handful of Deucalion were members of racial supremacist groups in life; such members require careful reeducation, lest their views get them destroyed by a more powerful vampire. The majority of Deucalion were members of exclusive groups with a tribalist, “us-versus-them” mentality: fundamentalist churches, country club members, and other individuals who see themselves as better than others, though a handful were evolutionary biologists, geneticists, and geneologists. Few denote themselves visually.

    In the Danse Macabre: The Deucalion are a political faction as much as they are a bloodline, united by three principles: the superiority of Ventrue in general and Deucalion in particular above all other Kindred, the research and documentation of bloodlines, and the education and elevation of lesser Kindred. To this end, they often become scholars of the clans and their bloodlines, and typically rise to positions of influence, though one has never risen to the level of Prince.

    Politically, Deucalion are typically aligned with the Carthian Movement, since this is the covenant most tolerant of new and radical ideas, and they number less than a couple dozen worldwide. However, some Deucalion acknowledge a certain appeal to the Invictus, and might join the First Estate in their domain if it is led by other Ventrue, or if the local Firebrands are led by a vampire who is opposed to the Deucalion's ideas. A handful have returned like progidal childer to the Ordo Dracul; while those of Spanos' old domain refuse to associate with any members of his bloodline or any Kindred who do not denounce his philosophy, others acknowledge that once you strip away the arrogance and grandstanding, Deucalion can produce valuable research, and so the more openminded ones will be offered membership in the ranks of the Defiant.

    Clan: Ventrue

    Nickname: Skinheads

    Bloodline Bane: The Deucalion are staggeringly arrogant, and often see themselves as perfect. However, this does not mean that they are without a bloodline bane, though they may not see it as such. In fact, whenever the Deucalion fail at a task they are trained in, they suffer a major blow to their self-esteem and become less able to control themselves. When a Deucalion receives a Failure or Dramatic Failure in a task that uses one of his skill specialties, he loses a point of Willpower.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Nightmare, Resistance

    Bloodline Gift: Shaping the Clay
    The Deucalion believe that as Ventrue, they are the pinnacle of Kindred. They are stone, whereas all other other Kindred are clay. Victor Deucalion's metamorphosis granted him the power to shape the Kindred around them, often by inflicting the banes of other clans on others. It is a subtle power as requires planning and foresight to use effectively. However, less well-known ability of this gift is the power to temporarily undo a Kindred's own clan bane. This power is not advertised, and is reserved for use on devoted followers, or as blackmail to manipulate other Kindred.

    Merit: Shaping the Clay (@ to @@@@@, Style)
    Prerequisite: Decalion, Dominate @@, Nightmare @@

    Shaping the Clay stems from the combination of Dominate and Nightmare, and from Victor's determination to prove the validity of his ideas, which permeates his bloodline. Any time a Deucalion wishes to use a Shape the Clay technique, he must spend a point of Vitae and roll Wits + Occult + his dots in Shaping the Clay against the target's Resolve + Blood Potency. A Deucalion can only inflict one form of Shaping the Clay on a target at a time, but multiple Deucalion can work together to use multiple techniques on a single target.

    Shadow's Tenebrosity (@): To the Deucalion, Mekhet are the lowest and most pathetic of all Kindred because each one is more vulnerable to banes that are common to all Kindred. When a Deucalion uses this power on a vampire other than a Mekhet, a Success inflicts the Tenebrous Curse until the next sunset, and an Exceptional Success prevents the target from adding Resilience dots to mitigate damage from sunlight or fire for the same duration. Targets must also add a bane that does not prevent detachment for the duration of the power, or consider one of their normal banes to not count towards preventing detachment. When a Deucalion uses this power on a Mekhet, the target is free of the Tenebrous Curse until the next sunset on a Success, and is considered to have 1 additional dot of Resilience for the purposes of resisting damage from sunlight or fire until the next sunset for an Exceptional Success.

    Haunt's Loneliness (@@): The Deucalion see the Nosferatu as redundant in the modern nights, where stealth and quickness are more useful than outward monstrosity. When a Deucalion uses this power on a vampire other than a Nosferatu, the target suffers from the Lonely Curse until sunrise, and an Exceptional Success extends the duration of the Lonely Curse for a number of nights equal the Deucalion's dots in Shaping the Clay. When a Deucalion uses this power on a Nosferatu, the target is free from the Lonely Curse until sunrise on a Success or for a number of nights equal dots in Shaping the Clay on an Exceptional Success.

    Serpent's Wantonness (@@@): The Deucalion believe that the Daeva are or were close to shedding their clan bane, but they only succeeded in making it more subtle; they see the Serpents' tendency to obsess over their prey as sentimentality unbecoming of a predator of humans. When a Deucalion uses this power on a vampire other than a Daeva, the target must role Humanity to avoid acquiring the Persistent Dependent Condition towards anybody they feed on for an hour after the power is used, or for a number of nights equal to dots in Shaping the Clay on an Exceptional Success. When a Deucalion uses this power on a Daeva, the target is free of the Wanton Curse for an hour on a Success, or for a number of nights equal to dots in Shaping the Clay on an Exceptional Success.

    Savage's Ferality (@@@@): The Deucalion simultaneously envy and pity the Gangrel, as their closeness to the Beast makes them capable of fulfilling their role as predators more easily than other Kindred, but leaves them more likely to lose self-control at inopportune moments. When used against a vampire who is not a Gangrel, the target suffers from the Feral Curse until the next sunrise, or for a number of nights equal to dots in Shaping the Clay on an Exceptional Success. When used on a Gangrel, the target is free from the Feral Curse until the next sunrise, or for a number of nights equal to dots in Shaping the Clay on an Exceptional Success.

    Lord's Aloofness (@@@@@): No Deucalion, even Victor himself, has developed this ability. To the Deucalion, this fifth technique of Shaping the Clay would either require accepting that Ventrue are indeed cursed like all other clans, or granting another vampire the “adaptation” of the Ventrue; either option is borderline heretical to a Deucalion. But perhaps it is this power that would truly allow the Deucalion to be “without flaw.”

    When used against a vampire who is not a Ventrue, the target loses all Touchstones until sunrise on a Success, or for a number of nights equal to dots in Shaping the Clay on an Exceptional Success. When used on a Ventrue, the target is freed from the Aloof Curse until sunrise on a Success, or for a number of nights equal to dots in Shaping the Clay on an Exceptional Success.
    Last edited by Haberdasher; 03-08-2017, 06:28 PM. Reason: Adjusted duration of Exceptional Success effects

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    A bloodline I always loved to hate.

    I find it hard, not to look at them as comic relief.


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      What happens if they levy the power of installing the clan bane on someone of that clan? Does it auto remove their bane or double it?
      How long does it take to activate the power?
      Can you stack multiple applications of the power?

      Personally I'm not sure it's very useful unless you tag the Nosferatu or Gangrel curse on someone. Otherwise you need an exceptional success and even then it's not guaranteed to come into play. Choose bane for one night? Just choose a holy day you can't rise for the day. How often do vampires feed off the same person more than two times in a single night much less the same hour. The Ventrue flaw doesn't really matter until they're at Humanity 1. Maybe it should just function as having no touchstones for the duration. Which would make it comparable to the Mekhet curse.


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        Also, I think Majesty may suit them better then nightmare, as they created QUITE a cult of personality.


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          I like it a lot. I'm always here for Ventrue bloodlines. I agree with Tsusasi that the Ventrue power should remove touchstones for the duration, but the Ventrue one is also deliberately left up for interpretation since "nobody's done it yet" so I imagine the ST can choose whatever they like. Would it be too powerful for the Daeva one to be that, during the duration of the power, the feeding Vampire gains the swooning condition towards anyone they feed on? That's much more debilitating, I think.

          Well done!!


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            Prince of the Night When I convert bloodlines with a unique Discipline, I try to replace it with the common or clan Discipline that I think would best serve as the basis for their Merit/Devotion/what have you. Hence why I chose Nightmare, since it is the "make bad things happen to you" mental Discipline.

            tsusasi Yes, some of those suggestions work quite well. I wanted to try and use the exact clan banes as-is for the powers, but looking at it again, I do agree that some of them are a little too weak for a power that is usually going to last for the night. I'll take some of these suggestions into consideration and tweak the individual powers. Also, using the power takes an Instant Action, and the target can make a Perception roll to try and figure out what happened.

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              Made some alterations to the 3-dot and 5-dot powers, since I wanted to emphasize that the powers become increasingly more troublesome as they ascend.

              Prince of the Night Ironically, I have a similar reaction to the Barjot, since they come off as the "token ideological purists whom their own faction can't stand" bloodline of the Carthians.

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                I think the Exceptional Success bonus makes the change in duration for the different powers quite jarring. Except in rare cases an Exceptional Success would mean the power holds for at least five nights, and possibly longer, while the standard duration can be as short as a scene in the case of the third dot. My suggestion is that an Exceptional Success increases the duration to a number of nights equal to the user's dots in this Merit.

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                  Originally posted by Tessie View Post
                  I think the Exceptional Success bonus makes the change in duration for the different powers quite jarring. Except in rare cases an Exceptional Success would mean the power holds for at least five nights, and possibly longer, while the standard duration can be as short as a scene in the case of the third dot. My suggestion is that an Exceptional Success increases the duration to a number of nights equal to the user's dots in this Merit.
                  Yes, that works better.

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