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  • Bloodline conversion- the Dragolescu

    so I've organized some files in my computer lately, and while doing so I've stumbled upon some notes I apparently wrote some time ago. The Dragolescu are my favorite Bloodline, and while it is not a full writeup I hope you would like that conversion.

    The screams filled the hall.

    I watched horrified at the chaos before me. A second ago, I was about to pronounce my verdict- Finale Death. A moment later, a pillar of flames erupted out of nowhere in the middle of the room. Everyone but me run away from the fire, as if they were going to shit themselves. They called for help- but no one was going to endanger himself and put down the fire. Typical. Strangely, the fire didn’t spread- it stayed exactly where it began. The defendant, the only one to burn- and the only one who didn’t screamed. Worse- he laughed.


    Before my eyes, the air around the fire flickered and moved. I thought it was the heat- until faces emerged from the flames, bones made of smoke and skulls of ash. Ghosts. Damn ghosts. Suddenly, the jerk spoke- his voice louder than the screams and flames- and if everything wasn’t creepy enough, the ghosts talked with him, with unison.

    “We shall not be judged by the likes of you!” he said “You are the dust of the grave! We are eternal! Eternal as our blood, and our blood is strong! Our work shall be fulfilled by our blood, and we will be lords upon the dead! Our night will come! We are eternal! We are eternal!”

    And then, it was over- the flames vanished, taking the ghosts with them. Nothing was left of him but an ashen stain on the floor, few charred bones and a blackened, smiling skull, as if he kept laughing at me beyond the grave. Everyone in the hall looked at me, confused. They wanted me to tell them what to do. Like hell I knew. If I’ll try to silence his “revelation”, they would say I fear him. If I’ll butcher his Bloodline, they would say I fear him. If I’ll just ignore it, they would be afraid- and that fears me the most. And once they’ll smell fear, I’m dead meat.

    Damn you, Ioan Dragolescu.

    Nickname: Pretenders (formerly, Restless)

    Clan: Ventrue

    Bloodline Bane: The Dragolesu know that only the soul is eternal, and small acts of pleasure and terror gives them no comfort, turning them into driven individuals. A Pretender can only gain Willpower through the harsh condition of her Anchors.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Animalism, Resilience, Dominate, Auspex

    Bloodline Gift- Essentiaphagia
    Ioan Dragolescu’s was fascinated by the nature of souls and ghosts, and the Blue Hand Massacre was used to cement those theories in his blood. Those occult researches contain complex formulas and ideas developed through years of investigation, yet members of the Bloodline do not need to understand those concepts. The gift is in their soul, and though many do read the original “Essentiaphagia Theory”, it is not required. The treatise itself, while complicated, is based around a very simple idea- that vampires feed upon souls (or essentia) instead of blood, and that ghosts, beings of pure essentia, could be fed upon and manipulated by the rightful Kindred.

    Every Dragolescu can perceive ghosts and similar beings in the Twilight for a Scene by expending a Willpower point, and can feed upon them (and mediums, such as other Dragolescu) in order to gain “Plasm”. She has a Plasm pool equal to her Stamina+Size, and may use it to replenish Vitae (at a price of two Plasm to one Vitae) or Willpower (three Plasm for one point), or in order to activate her Bloodline Devotions. Such Devotions have prerequisites as normal, and cost 2 Experience to learn. Drawing Plasm requires the character to perceive the ghost or touch the medium and performing the following roll-

    Cost: -
    Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Dominate vs Resistance + Rank (for ghosts) or Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance (for mediums).
    Action: Contested, resistance is reflexive
    Roll Results
    Dramatic Failure: The target shows its superiority over the Restless, drawing one Vitae per success it gains.
    Failure: Both sides are equal, and no Plasm has been drawn. The character may try again in her next turn.
    Success: The vampire shows herself worthy to rule the dead, and drains her subject dry. The target lose one Essence (if a ghost) or Plasm (if a medium) per success. Ghosts can’t be reduced below one Essence using that power, and mediums can not be reduced below Plasm of 0.
    Exceptional Success: The vampire does not simply defeat her subject- she breaks its spirit, showing herself as a true lord over the the dead. She gain one Willpower point together with the Plasm.

    Essentia Diffusion
    Prerequisites: Auspex 3
    Cost: 1 Plasm
    The Dragolescu tunes to the world beyond, drawing the power of devoured ghosts and create haunting effects. By activating this power, she may use a single Numen. The Storyteller is the one to choose which possible Numina she may access, based upon the source of her Plasm and the abilities of the ghost.

    Prerequisites: Auspex 3
    Cost: 1 Plasm
    While every Dragolescu can feed upon the ghost’s shell, some learn to eat its mind too. By performing an Essentiaphagia roll, the vampire may gain the knowledge of the spirit instead of Plasm. In case of Dramatic Failure, she lose one Willpower instead of Vitae, while Success grants her access to a number of Skill points owned by the ghost in life equal to her successes (the list decided by the Storyteller). Alternatively, she may gain a single Clue for her Investigation, considering the ghost has the information. Mnemophagia can not be used on mediums. The Skill access lasts for a single night, in which the ghost may not be targeted by Mneomophagia again and suffers -1 to Power.

    Ghost Consumption
    Prerequisites: Dominate 3
    Cost: 3 Plasm
    Forbidden by the Ordo Dracul, where other powers allow the vampire to feast upon certain aspects of the ghost, this power enables her to devour it whole. In order to activate this Devotion, the character has to roll for Essentiaphagia while being in close proximity to the shade (enough to “touch” it). In case of Dramatic Failure, she does not lose Vitae but the ghost becomes immune to any further uses of this power. In case of Success, she absorbs the ghost and trap it in her body. The ghost is bound until the vampire decides to free it, or until she suffers a Dramatic Failure on Essentiaphagia roll. Such escape cause the vampire one level of aggravated damage and drains one Willpower point. The vampire can only hold one ghost at a time, which is aware to everything the vampire does while being trapped. While bound, the vampire gains access to the ghost’s Influences up to her dots in Dominate, and an Honorary Rank equal to the ghost’s. Activating an Influence requires its Essence cost in Plasm and rolling Intelligence + Dominate. In case the vampire suffer a Finale Death while trapping a ghost, it is destroyed with her.
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      Ooh, nice. Some questions, though:

      Can Resilience be used to increase Plasm capacity?

      If the Pretender dramatically fails his Essentiaphagia roll, then the target gains... Vitae? What are those ghosts and mediums going to do with that? Or are the "mediums' in reality Sin-eaters?

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        Good job. I've always liked this Bloodline some I'm glad to see someone else did it.


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          Originally posted by 21C Hermit View Post
          Ooh, nice. Some questions, though:

          Can Resilience be used to increase Plasm capacity?
          as that part of the mechanics is a direct translation from 1st edition, and it wasn't detailed beyond it, I'll say yes.

          If the Pretender dramatically fails his Essentiaphagia roll, then the target gains... Vitae? What are those ghosts and mediums going to do with that? Or are the "mediums' in reality Sin-eaters?
          again, the original source material didn't detailed about what happens to the wasted Vitae. I assume that it could be translated to either Plasm, Essence or Willpower, depends on what you think is appropriate. Mediums in that bloodline's context is a wide definition that includes any being with Plasm trait. That means other Dragolescu, as it was stated, and yes it does mean Sin Eaters- but it isn't meant to be only those. Any being with a Plasm pool is treated as a medium as far as Essentiaphagia is concerned, including any unknown being Geist's 2nd edition is going to throw on us. That bloodline has a tendency for crossover in that respect- but so are the Ordo Dracul in general, in many ways.

          My Homebrew Signature- Because I need one. If you use any of it, please share with me how it went!

          On a Dragonlance-reading break. Surprise homebrew may still happen :P