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Toreador / Daeva Building Theme.

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  • Toreador / Daeva Building Theme.

    I was wondering the other day, if you had a choice to create in a city the Ideal Toreador / Daeva Building what would you include?

    Would it be an one-themed building like a gallery exhibition or a night bar or a multi-themed building?

    And what are your ideas on that matter?

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    Disclaimer. I know very little of VTM Toreador. That said, I have several Daeva that own businesses in various cities in various games. Some of them are a little cliche, but I love them anyway.

    I had a Daeva who worked in a BDSM house/strip joint called No Restraint. The story teller started my character there, so obviously this was his ideal for Daeva businesses. He later left after the Primogen was killed. He started Circus of the Damned

    Circus of the Damned: This was again inspired by the book with the same title. This club put on circus like entertainment, raves, holiday parties, jazz shows, strippers, ect.. It had several performers that could all do special and unique things. in this game, all the supernaturals were outed and this club became a place for them to gather and perform.Though it was run by a dancer who loved to strip and there were also illegal activities that happened in the club like high end prostitution, if the performers so desired. Underneath the club, was an underground complex which also became a hub for the supernaturals to live in peace. It was a very hedonistic life for many of them...

    Underland: Underland was at one point Elysium. My daeva designed this night club with a dark and twisted Wonderland theme, but it was called Underland because it catered to the underworld. The main room/bar area served drinks all sorts of drinks in mismatched tea cups. There were several back rooms for VIP guests each with a different theme. One room was all mirrors and silk, another was themed like a white rose garden all painted red and bloody. There were several other rooms to go to. Vampires could use these rooms for pleasure during club hours or a safe place to sleep for the day.

    Otherwise my one Daeva's childe, owns several other nightclubs in the city with Underland. Many of them are sexy clubs, the kind with dancers on tables or in cages and where the waiters run around in undies.

    I have a Gangrel who owns another business called Se7en. It caters to the seven deadly sins. Underground fightclub, betting, drugs, prostitution, stripers, people to fawn over you, things to oooogle over. Each sin has a doorway to go through to a separate part of the building. ( again, ripped this one from a book I loved ) but it would fit a daeva place too.


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      One Daeva building I had (that was based on an actual business idea my mom and I had for a former sears store down the block from the cat cafe we are starting in Savannah) was basically a Dave and Busters for steampunks and goths, with a Victorian circus theme. It had all sorts of weird and macabre custom games (including a simulated Russian roulette machine (using a paintball pistol with a loud speaker in it) that the Deva owner's ghoul had built in his spare time and had become a fixture of the local nightlife due to two gimmicks the arcade had which were:
      1. The arcade machines had been connected to the arcade's website, the high scores for each game would show up on the website for everyone to see and having the high score at a game would get you a discount on one of the food items (with each game getting a different discount) at the attached restaurant/coffee shop for as long you held the high score
      2. The coffee shop was a cat cafe and a Pokemon Go gym. Anybody who took the gym and placed a cat-like pokemon on it got a discount on coffee for as long as their cat pokemon was defending the gym.
      Basically the idea was to keep the customers/blood dolls constantly coming back to acquire/take advantage of/defend their discounts on the food, which tasted much better than it actually was due to a special devotion that the deva owner came up with.
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        There's plenty of good ideas in the clan book for Daeva. I used a few, one was the Red Five Game Lounge.


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          My Twin Cities has a nightclub/bar run by a Daeva as a sort of "free feeding ground" for other Daeva. It's pretty standard nightlife place, with the rule that vampires cannot use Disciplines inside (since two dozen Daeva all having Awe up would be perma-cock-blocking each other). Then, in my version of Gotham City, there's the Red Rose, a strip club owned by a Daeva. Another Daeva in the Twin Cities owns an art gallery.

          Basically, I feel like an "ideal Daeva building" would be whatever tickled that particular Daeva's fancy, caught and held their attention long enough for them to seriously do something with it. And, of course, props up their place in the local Kindred society in some way.

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            A well kept heritage building the Daeva/Toreadore or her protege of the day built. The building is unique as any other structure like it from the same architectural era has mysteriously been destroyed by fire.


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              I've been kicking around an idea for a sort of resort-town setting that centers on a large casino that has become a hub for supernatural activity. The various groups are unusually intertwined, with the casino itself being run by a board of vampires, werewolves and mages (all led by a mysterious being known only as "The Chairman"). After all, everybody likes to have a good time...just be careful - you should never gamble that which you aren't willing to lose.