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    As one who purchased the original Reap the Whirlwind from DTG in book form in 2013(?) I was curious what what the major changes were in the newer release. I know that the original Reap the Whirlwind was using the pre-2E Blood and Smoke: The Strix Chronicle rules but I thought not much had changed rule wise from that to the 'real' 2E version. Should I re-purchase this? I have found it to be a great introduction into VtR for players that I introduce to the CofD worlds. Most of them have come from a strictly D&D Fantasy world and these jumpstarts have always helped me get them into character development right out of the box. Thanks!

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    Very little text has been changed. There are a few corrections, as well as some terminology changes to reflect the final book. The big change is that's in color and there's a new PoD version.

    Glad you've found it useful!

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      And the PoD version is very pretty and little! It's not just a good introduction to players, it's also a great introduction for first time STs. I call it "Blood and Smoke for people with short attention spans."