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    I think there may be confusion due to an older version of the rules. You actually can't decapitate someone outside of magic or a merit that specifically allows for decapitation. If using magic then the person might be able to survive because it is magic. For tilts, you can (it is optional) remove arms, legs, eyes, and ears by specifically targeted the body part and inflicted aggravated damage during the attack. Either way the body part would be permanently disabled. However, no distinction is made between an attack that always deals aggravated and an attack that is upgraded to aggravated due to prior damage.

    Regardless, decapitation is a narrative way of representing damage that kills someone. An aggravated attack to the head does not result in decapitation unless it happens to kill the person. Even a killing blow taking the form of a decapitation attempt does not remove the head unless the person dies. Sometimes it takes a few chops to behead somebody.

    Vampires are tricky because you can sever a body part without separating it. Especially when Resilience is in play, a vampire could have someone completely cut through their neck and not have their head removed. Even if the head falls off there could be some Hellsing type action where the blood keeps the body parts connected.

    There is precedence for a vampire meeting Final Death from decapitation. Eric Giraud via guillotine - V2 p33


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      Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
      ideas what a sire could do on their childes behalf if their caught

      As a fledgling has little political clout to protect them
      Depends on whether or not the Sire is represented by a merit. A Mentor could use a social skill to convince the wronged party to forgive the fledgling which is probably more or less how it would go even if the sire is not represented with that merit. The sire would probably have to keep the fledgling at their haven while they negotiate a price for paying a poaching fine. There are few situations where a sire would have the clout to tell someone to forget the offense. When someone has a legit claim to feeding grounds they would have already convinced everyone to respect their authority after all.


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        Originally posted by Prince of the Night View Post
        ideas what a sire could do on their childes behalf if their caught

        As a fledgling has little political clout to protect them
        That sort of depends on what sort of punishments are the standard for poaching, whether or not the sire is supposed to be accountable for the fledgling, and the sire's standing.
        I doubt the prince's childe is going to be subject to the same standard punishment that would be the norm for an unaligned caught poaching. Instead the aggrieved party may take the opportunity to ingratiate themself to the offender, levy a boon from them to keep quiet about it, or an opportunity to get access to the prince on another issue.
        Likewise, the Crone may likely wish to make a public spectacle of punishing the fledgling of the Sanctified bishop. An Ordo Dracul member could classify it as informed consent to perform a vivisection on the offender in an experiment.


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          Hmmmn as to how a sire can deal with their child...

          had a few ideas...

          branding irons are an option.

          keeping them on a diet of beast blood for a month


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            People keep bringing up branding lately.

            Where did this idea come from?

            A vampire could just heal it instantly, leaving no scars. It's not fire. It doesn't deal aggravated damage.

            I mean, it hurts. It costs Vitae to heal. But there are other, easier ways to do that, and it doesn't leave a "brand" or any other permanent punishment.


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              The scientific answer would be to point out that ultra-hot metal actually causes the skin to combust, which is why branding causes burn scars and not just blisters.

              The better answer is "It's symbolic fire so it burns like fire".


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                I like the idea of a tyrannical Prince branding a person and then ordering them to show up the very next night to show off the brand before they are allowed to heal it. There are a few ways of dealing with that:
                1. Expend a Willpower point to make the branding permanent during the Cleansing.
                2. Try to keep awake during the day to bypass the Cleansing.
                3. Find a way to fake or replicate the branding before having to show up the next day.
                4. Heal it and find yourself in deeper shit for having actively resisted the Prince's just punishment.
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                  thoughts on beast blood idea?

                  or making them while on such punishment act as a servant offering a goblet of warmed human blood to the offended party when their invited as a guest by your sire.


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                    Are you asking for specific examples of how the city at large might expect a sire to deal with a fledgling vampire poaching or how a sire theoretically would address the offense committed by a fledgling. In my experience from playing a fledgling who got caught poaching on two separate occasions (different characters), it was handled in a radically different manner when you compared the offenses and sentences. In part because each sire wanted to convey another lesson besides "don't get caught". My sheriff had to deal with the serial poaching of a fledgling who's sire didn't care what his childe did. Until my character made it his problem. But that came down to situational context and could have easily blown up into an intercovenant feud had it been done right off to another sire/childe duo.


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                      on the idea of branding... was going to sarcastically ask "What else is his sire going to do, send him out for a switch?" then thought and wanted to ask, does a birch or switch do bashing or lethal?

                      reason I ask is they sometimes raise small cuts.

                      know its absurd but ... nitpicking.


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                        All weapons do Lethal now. Even brass knuckles or clubs.

                        But Vampires reduce lethal to bashing anyway, so it's largely irrelevant.


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                          True, but one could argue a birch isnt a weapon.

                          its a too meant to discipline a child (and in the old days and errotic fiction) household staffl.

                          and a ghoul, DOESNT reduce lethal damage to bashing... and is more likely to get it then the vamps fledgling.


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                            That kind of birch would probably only deal Bashing. Unless a serious blow could break bones or slash through more than just skin I wouldn't rule it to deal Lethal.

                            Bloodline: The Stygians


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                              Re: Agg Damage and removing limbs, but axes should be able to do it.

                              Health Boxes are a narrative construct, not a physical one. High Stamina characters do not have more health because they are hardier, but because you are telling a story about someone who is more resilient. No amount of cardio will make you able to take an extra bullet aimed for the head.

                              As such, health boxes present a sort of limited plot immunity. An axe that deals lethal cuts your arm, but not all the way through. It sti cuts muscles and tendons, rendering the limb worthless, but its not a clean cut.

                              However, overflow damage is a thing, and successive cuts WILL cut off the limb.


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                                Re: Feeding Grounds. I feel like being granted land implies the requirement that you keep and defend your land. I feel like most of the time the Kindred would try to, violently, handle it themselves. The Prince would really only be called either to teach a lesson, or if it is constant enough that escelation is the only solution.