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New/Custom Coil: Coil of Erinyes

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  • New/Custom Coil: Coil of Erinyes

    I haven't written up all sorts of flavour text yet, it's there but not.. written up in a nice format yet.
    So without further ado, the Coil that concentrates your vitae.

    (●) Manic Gamble:
    You can spend your instant action and heal using up to double your per-turn limit of vitae. If you feed while healing this way, you cannot apply your defense.

    (●●) Cruor Truce:
    Half the vitae spent using Physical Intensity can now also be used for healing (min. 1).

    (●●●) Chalice of Dragons:
    You may now store up to your Blood Potency in additional vitae - but when you bleed vitae it is now darker and thicker, almost coarse.

    (●●●●) Vigorous Inclination:
    When using (●) you may heal using up to triple your per turn limit. You may now heal aggravated without slumbering.

    (●●●●●) Fist of Dragons:
    A number of times per night up to your Blood Potency, you may add your Blood Potency instead of the +2 for Physical Intensity. This effect can only be applied once per roll.

    Scale: Spirit of Vengeance (●●)
    This will cause Blood Addiction. Spend at least the subjects size in vitae, and submerge them in the substance for 10 minutes per vitae spent this way. For each vitae spent when they spend a point of vitae to heal they heal double. This effect lasts until they heal using as many vitae as were spent in the process. For mortals, this is extremely painful - some have reported it akin to battery acid seeping into their flesh and bones - and without alternative means of breathing they will drown.

    Scale: Teeth Through Blood (●●●)
    When anyone imbibes your vitae, you may choose to have your vitae flare a predatory aura. From now on, choose one of the 3 aspects upon waking. While awake, this is the aspect your vitae will use to Lash Out. You do not need to be present for this effect, but the recipient may resist as per Lashing Out rules.
    When Lashing Out this way, whoever wins additionally knows the general direction and distance of the other.

    Scale: Furious Slaughter (●●●●●)
    Spend vitae for Physical Intensity as normal (can use effects of this Coil if desired). For each vitae spent this way, take a cumulative -1 penalty to all physical actions. This use of Physical Intensity is now stored as hardened vitae awaiting the command to let loose like a tightly wound spring. This can stack with a future use of Physical Intensity - allowing a surgical strike at the cost of general effectiveness for a while. Once the stored Physical Intensity is used on an action, the user no longer suffers the penalty to physical actions (this includes the action the Intensity is being used on).

    Let me know what you think, and feel free to use it in your games ^^"

    Originally, the third dot was the ability to Lash Out against someone imbibing your vitae provided you were awake (and you chose the aspect when you woke, not at the time of lashing when using vitae to lash out) but I figured that didn't really have any uses since odds are if someone's drinking your vitae you've already established some form of control or dominance over them AND if you're there you could just lash out as normal. Perhaps being invisible with Obfuscate and dropping a pt in someone's wine or coffee could have interesting results.. but I figured that might serve better as a scale.

    Bonus Scale - Condense a single point of vitae by spending double what it'll be worth. So spending 6 vitae gives you 1 "point" of vitae that's worth 3, allowing a neonate that may only be able to spend 1 or 2 per turn to spend 3 and potentially use all three physical disciplines in a turn.
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    I like it, I'm just a little confused as to why it's so Furious. It seems like it's all about healing.


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      Originally it's purpose was to increase the efficiency of Physical Intensity. The healing is meant to be a bitter respite during battle. My character is a WW2 vet, disheveled by the reality he finds himself in. Now, nearly a century later he's beginning work on this coil to let him unleash the intensity of his beast and shrug off blows that would slow down other Kindred. The first dot doesn't actually let you heal any better, it just lets you do it in 1 turn instead of 2 or 3 reflexively - which might just be enough to buy a guy out of Torpor and get away if it's outmatched - but it's a gamble at best. The last dot is to put a little more punch behind the physical intensity on top of Vigor or Resilience. He'll eventually master the physical disciplines, and I've never seen anyone use Physical Intensity since it's so inefficient compared to the disciplines. This is his way of bringing his Vitae "up to snuff" even if it's not a drastic improvement (originally there was no cap on the number of times per roll just per night, which could've meant rolling 200+ dice with the scale at BP 10 if you didn't mine a -10 penalty to all physical actions) nobody in their right mind wants to roll that many dice.

      Long story short, this lets the aggressive kindred burst without having to freak about the little things, kind of a Kindred "berserk" it's not Frenzy since you're still in control and can use fighting styles, plus this has a little for everyone - even if you're non-violent being able to press your aura out like a lighthouse is pretty sweet, store a little extra, and if you find yourself in a bad situation but manage to get out - you can recover at a rate that's obscenely fast even for Kindred if you've got a lot of blood on tap before the next time you're cornered.
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        A combat coil that tries to balance offense and defense. On the 2nd power though, most things round down so perhaps round down but still with a minimum of one?
        The fifth power is crazy powerful for an Elder but so are most 5th dot powers, and only if you have high Blood Potency. I like it.
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          Originally posted by Rathamus View Post
          A combat coil that tries to balance offense and defense. On the 2nd power though, most things round down so perhaps round down but still with a minimum of one?
          The fifth power is crazy powerful for an Elder but so are most 5th dot powers, and only if you have high Blood Potency. I like it.
          Here is the most recent revision:
          Coil of The Erinyes
          The Embodiment of the Furies.
          Your blood boils in anticipation of battle. A coil designed for the army kindred to get every drop of grit from the force that animates their kind. You may use Intensity for free a number of times per scene (per night maybe?) equal to your coil dots.
          ●● Sometimes you find yourself separated from the pack, or on the wrong side of the trenches. After experimentation your vitae can be condensed and used sparingly. By rationing your vitae this way, you can rise for a number of nights equal to your coil dots per vitae spent upon waking - doesn't stack with itself.
          ●●● Your vitae is coarse with understanding of war. Often a fight is won by whoever has more rocks to throw or bullets to fire. For 1 WP, you may extend the use of Intensity a number of rounds equal to the highest base attribute modified - this doesn't stack / cannot be used on more than one instance of Intensity.
          ●●●● War is eternal both inside your undead body and outside. There will always be a fight somewhere and now you can face every challenge at your best. If you use Intensity a number of times that exceeds your capacity for willpower, regain a willpower - only once per scene.
          ●●●●● Sometimes there’s nothing but you and the other guy. Stories lament of desperation and resourcefulness on the battlefield. You may now use Intensity on any attribute.

          New Scales:
          Scale: Soaking the Valkyrie
          Spend at least the subjects size in vitae, both theirs and yours, and submerge them for 10 minutes per vitae spent. For each vitae spent when they spend a point of vitae to heal they heal double. Each use expends a vitae invested in this process.

          Scale: Teeth Through Blood
          Spend vitae and pour it into a container, soak a tooth in each point of vitae for an hour. When anyone imbibes this vitae the owner of the teeth may Lash Out against them. Winner additionally learns the general location of the other.

          Scale: Furious Slaughter
          Following the same procedure for Spirit of Vengeance, using purely the dragon’s vitae, you can opt to add your coil dots to Physical Intensity on a single roll. Each time you do so, you expend a vitae invested in this process.
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