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  • New Devotion - Kindred Forge.

    So this might be a bit strong for people here, but my Gangrel is going to create a devotion along these lines:
    Create an object up to size 4 out of flesh and/or bone. Use the closest approximation for stats. The object lasts a number of nights equal to the user’s Resilience + 1. Devotions applied during creation last as long as the object remains intact. Only a number of devotions up to half the user’s Resilience dots can be applied this way. Costs 1 vitae + devotion costs to restart the duration, if this cost cannot be paid by the dawn of the last night, the item crumbles to ashes.

    This would require Protean 2 or 4 and Resilience 2+ and costs 1 vitae per size and an Instant Action. Protean 4 would give it the ability to cause lethal to kindred without the need for the If You Can't Duck It devotion.
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