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  • Homebrew Vampire Merits

    The latest thread for fan-made Merits meant for a specific splat. I'll be compiling the Merits I put together beforehand in here, as well as set up a GDoc once I got a sizable list.

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    A Wanna Be Wyrm's Nest Merit (o)
    Prerequisites: Nest Guardian (o), at least one dot of a Coil
    Effect: Your character gains a bonus based on what Coils they know. If the Nest Guardian is shared, use the total score, not the individual rating.
    • As long as the Ascendant vampire has the Blush of Life, they heal as a human does on the Nest. Successfully meditating is considered the same as long term intensive care to the vampire's healing with successes equal to Nest Guardian + Coil dots
    • Wyrm vampires gain their Nest Guardian dots as bonus willpower for purposes of dealing with frenzy (resisting, invoking, etc). This does not stack with Object Fetishism.
    • Voivode vampires gain Herd dots equal to the lesser of Voivode/Nest Guardian. How this manifests can be anything from a pliable pseduo-cult to absorbing the energy of the Nest (similar to how vampires feed on ghosts and spirits), subject to ST approval.