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    Originally posted by Maina View Post
    The ritual for the reliquary states that it gets the Vitae from the ritualist's body. I don't think it can be donated, unless I'm missing something. Even if it could, I imagine the "ghouls can't spill vitae" rule is, in part, to avoid that situation, so I wouldn't allow it.
    Oh I don't allow ghouls to cast Theban Sorcery or Cruac at all, but since it is possible to cast Theban Sorcery and Cruac rituals where others who are not the ritualist contributes the material components, that's where the hypothetical ghoul of this scenario comes into play. And this ritual is a niche case.

    If they were casting Blood Scourge or 98% of the Cruac rituals, I'd agree a ghoul couldn't, but technically they aren't spilling it, they're mystically transferring it into an object, where it remains indefinitely, until magically unlocked and consumed, whereas if it was spilled, it breaks down into a worthless mess within a few minutes or disappears at the end of the scene.


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      Originally posted by Marcus View Post

      I'm aware about the unmarked grave, but why the blood bond shouldn't work in mist form? I can't find anything that let understand this.
      It specifically says you get all the advantages of Unmarked Grave.

      Originally posted by Diggs View Post
      Wow. Why is the vitae taken first? I must have missed some obscure rule reference for that to be the case. Or maybe this is a literal reading of the feeding rules which might not have been written clearly. The pool of vitae mortals have is separate from the one a ghoul gains from kindred vitae. At a minimum, unless I have missed a rule somewhere, the mortal "vitae" should be drained before the ghoul's vitae pool for power usage.
      If you can find a reference in B&S/Requiem 2E (or a piece of 1E that hasn't been converted) then please do. As currently, my group treats any vitae a ghoul has as identical to the regnant's and the vitae is taken before any health is, every time.
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        Originally posted by Arduras View Post

        It specifically says you get all the advantages of Unmarked Grave.

        If you can find a reference in B&S/Requiem 2E (or a piece of 1E that hasn't been converted) then please do.
        That statement is specifically in reference to being out in sunlight or exposed to fire.
        It also specifically states they don't just absorb blood, they have to force themselves on a prospective victim by entering an open and bleeding wound or ramming themselves down their throats and into their victims' lungs by incorporating grapple rules.
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          I think we just have two different interpretations.

          In her smoke form, the vampire is immune to all harm that
          doesn’t come from fire, sunlight, or other banes that deal
          damage. If her smoke form is ever fully exposed to sunlight,
          she returns to her human form. Nothing else can force her back
          into her human form — as long as she avoids sunlight she can
          slumber in her Miasma form. It has all the same benefits as her
          Unmarked Grave, allowing the vampire to shift her adaptations
          and animal forms.
          When it says all the same benefits of Unmarked Grave, I take it as such.


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            Well if you want to entirely ignore the next paragraph regarding Primeval Miasma regarding vitae consumption in favor of a different power entry, the only advantage Unmarked Grave gives regarding vitae consumption is that it doesn't risk the installation of a vinculum or vitae addiction. It doesn't say the vitae provides nourishment or allows for it to be used to ID the owner or gain their powers. The only benefit it conveys is allowing the vampire to rise from their semi torpid state hungry for more blood.
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              You still suffer addiction, you just don't get bonded, afaik. Miasma is a mystical form that defies any physical logic outside of being a cloud of gas. A person turning into a cloud of gas and feeding via flashes of colour/smoke is still quite different from taking it right from the vampire in it's base form.
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                Primeval Miasma doesn't feed via flashes of color. They grapple their victim and physically violate them in order to feed. It's right there in the section you've chosen to ignore in favor of Unmarked Grave. And in that state they can't feed at all they're simply compelled to turn back to their normal form in order to feed when they come in contact with blood or vitae.


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                  It says right in unmarked grave you feed while underground, you don't need to leave it to feed so not sure where you got that (aside from an addicted vampire failing their resist roll)
                  When you feed from wounds and the like it's smoke.
                  Other beings pass right through the smoke. If a victim has any
                  open wounds, the vampire can feed from them just by having
                  them enter her Miasma — the blood boils out of his wounds,
                  evaporating in a flash of grey and yellow smoke. If she needs
                  to feed and can’t find someone who is already bleeding, the
                  vampire can instead force herself into the victim’s lungs with
                  strands of semi-tangible smoke, stealing her life-force along
                  with her breath
                  (grapple and “bite” using her normal Physical
                  you feed via a mystical smoke, you're not drinking it as blood, which gives you the same benefit as being interred in the ground letting the blood seep through dirt first. You ignore the bond.