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Stroke of Midnight and Sound of Bells

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  • Stroke of Midnight and Sound of Bells

    I'm trying to remember the film or comic book that had a vampire or demon or something that was driven into pain by the sound of bells. I know this is an old trope, but I'm thinking of a cheesy newer big budget film. I want to say it was Constantine or Men in Black of Something like that. I might be thinking of the pug in men in black and conflating it with the demon in the mirror in Constantine. Anyone recall a dude like Will Smith or Keanu Reeves tormenting something supernatural with the sound of bells?

    Second question, I'm contemplating a bloodline with a flaw where something happens at the stroke of midnight. The problem is 1) Vampires should be encouraged to be out at midnight, and 2) it sounds like a major pain to track in a game that runs in loosely defined scenes. I like the sloppiness of no clock and just eyeballing when dawn is coming. Anyone seen a write up along those lines or could suggest something? It would have to be pretty severe since it is only once per night. Also would the vampire have to hear it? Or is it tied to the time. I was thinking either the blush of life ends if it is up at midnight, to sort of riff off Cinderella. Or perhaps combining it with the bells/church bells idea to be one minute or so of a fit/blindness/deafness/clawing at the ears. Or maybe everyone in your vicinity gets a flash of your last degeneration roll events, so maybe you are not ID'ed directly but everyone at the party or restaurant gets that image of you doing whatever. So they can't prove it in court, but you give them all the heebie jeebies?

    Any comments and appreciated.

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    Sure you're not thinking of Spider Man and Venom?
    You could tie the effect to the movement of the moon, like the tides.
    ‚ÄčInstead of something like the Blush of Life ending, you could go the other way and have the Bloodline enjoy an advantage (or just feel more alive) up to that point. Rather like Cinderella getting to play princess at the ball and taking the risk of pushing for all the time they can get.


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      Closest thing I recall is some sort of cricket inside a box in Constantine (movie)

      I'm So Meta Even This Acronym


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        The sound of church bells is a classic anti-fae/anti-demon thing. Hells. Watch Night On Bald Mountain. The big scary demon runs away from the morning bells ringing.