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    Hello one and all! Haberdasher here, back from the end of the semester. With school out of the way for a few months, I figured I should turn my attention back to converting bloodlines. Today I bring you the last bloodline from the Carthian covenant book: the Zelani. The Zelani are a really intriguing bloodline because they are very young and are basically a giant question mark. Luck manipulation is also a favorite superpower of mine. Having finally gotten my hands on a copy of Secrets of the Covenants, I'm really partial to the idea that Lorna Zelan and her brood are calling the shots in New York- the Zelani's interest in actively recruiting Serpents into their bloodline dovetails nicely with New York's penchant for "recruiting" vampires from Movements around the world.

    Serendipity was translated into a series of Merits, and I just changed the 3-dot and 4-dot powers to replicate what the 1-dot power does for Social rolls. Also, the 5-dot power was changed to have a little bit more punch, but an equally potent drawback.

    Bloodline Conversion: Zelani
    Just as planned.

    Bloodlines are never large: the biggest ones have maybe a few dozen worldwide. But few are are as small as the Zelani, a nascent Daeva bloodline whose membership comprises only a single coterie. But their founder, Lorna Zelan, is determined to make her brood a ubiquitous part of the Carthian Movement's very fabric.

    Background: Lorna Zelan is not forthcoming with the details of her mortal life, but she does tell the tale of her Embrace- an account of such horror and tragedy that makes even the most jaded elders turn somber and grim. When and where she was Embraced is never said, only the events that surrounded it.

    Lorna was a young mother of eight children when her family was attacked one night by a coterie of vampires- in hindsight, she often speculates that they were members of Belial's Brood. She fell unconscious at the sight of her husband's head being ripped from his shoulders; when she awoke, her children lied dismembered around her. The leader of the vampires told her that she had been spared to serve as his consort and slave, and then left her in the sadistic care of his ghoul to take refuge from the coming sun in the root cellar. After hours of torment, salvation came in the form of a woman who lived on the next farm over. Though the ghoul murdered the woman, he was distracted long enough for Lorna to take her husband's gun and kill the ghoul. She then went to the root cellar to kill the others or die trying, but she watched in shock as the light of the setting sun turned four of the killers to dust- she did not yet know the true nature of her assailants. Her revenge seemingly complete, Lorna set about the ghastly business of burying her family and friend. Sunset- and the vampire who had intended to enslave her, the sole survivor- found her halfway done. Suddenly possessed with remorse for his depravity, the Daeva Embraced her and permitted her to immolate him as penance for his crime. Realizing that she would likely be blamed for the murders, Lorna finished the burials, burned her farmhouse to the ground, and then fled for the nearest city.

    Lorna is less willing to discuss the circumstances of her early Requiem. The most she will say is that she worked as a woman of the night as a source of both food and income, and that she stayed on the periphery of the All-Night Society, never coming to Elysium or joining a coterie. Despite this solitary existence, Lorna kept herself informed about nightly occurances, and came to be regarded as a woman who was waiting for an opening. Another vampire who feared Lorna's intentions tried to stake her for interrogation, but he was attacked by a crowd of drunks who objected to what seemed like the attempted murder of a prostitute, and was stabbed in the heart and dumped in a nearby river.

    Lorna says that the Carthian Movement was still young when it spread to her city; young enough that many believed it to merely be a passing fad. Still, Lorna immediately threw her support behind the nascent covenant, always lending its members whatever aid she could, but never making a play for leadership. Lorna's reputation had already grown to the point that many Kindred sat up and took notice of her move, and began to reevaluate their initial dismisal of the Firebrands. Eventually, the Firebrands succeeded in taking control of the city, and Lorna entered torpor, a move that was echoed by many elders who feared that she had foreseen some great calamity.

    Lorna finally emerged for torpor in the latter half of the 1990s, just as the Carthians of her city changed their governance style from meritocracy to democracy. Lorna walked into Elysium four nights before the election for the domain's Prime Minister, flanked by two childer whom she had apparently Embraced before her torpor. She announced her candidacy for Prime Minister, and proved an eloquent and informed speaker at the debate she attended. Lorna, who had grown into a legend among the locals, won by a landslide. She immediately began propagating her line, granting her “Zelani” positions in the domain's government and Regencies. While some have criticized her actions, most tolerate it on grounds of her willingness to field criticisms and her impartial attitude.

    Still, some can't help but wonder if there is more to Lorna than meets the eye. Carthians across the country- around the world, even- know her by name and owe her favors, and she has contacts among vampires in other covenants. She is actively trying to adopt Serpents of other covenants into her family. Lorna wants to leave her mark on the All-Night Society, and whether she achieves it by remaking the Carthians in her image, or replacing Clan Daeva with her own, she will become legendary.

    The Becoming: Lorna's childer and grandchilder have no uniting commonalities besides the fact that each one just happened to cross paths with a Zelani at the right place at the right time. Their abilities are as varied as their appearances, though they all share Lorna's strange streak of good luck. To this end, Mental Attributes are often primary, if not secondary to help them take advantage of Serendipity. Lorna's desire for her family to be influential in the history of the Carthian Movement means that Zelani take dots in City and Covenant Status, and almost always have dots in Haven.

    In the Danse Macabre: The Zelani are not numerous or established enough to have become truly distinct from the Daeva; indeed, the Zelani are not even recognized as a bloodline yet. Some Kindred, particularly those who study bloodlines, have noticed their unique abilities and realized that Lorna wants to create or propagate a bloodline, but nobody has conceived of her dream to create an entire clan. For the time being, all Zelani are Carthians, but Lorna has encouraged her grandchilder to choose their covenants according to their desires, and is actively courting Daeva to join her family. Most Zelani hold positions of importance in the domain and/or the local Carthian Movement, each according to their own strengths and abilities.

    Clan: Daeva

    Nickname: None, since the Zelani are not yet acknowledged as a bloodline.

    Bloodline Bane: The circumstances of Lorna's Embrace left a psychological scar on her that has been passed down to all Zelani. All Zelani must take the Invitation bane upon joining the bloodline, and it does not count towards preventing detachment, though it does count towards the limit of banes they can take.

    Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Majesty, Vigor

    Bloodline Gift: Serendipity
    Zelani are affected by an incredible propensity towards luck. This grants them a number of abilities that allow them to tilt the scales in their favor.

    New Merit: Serendipity (@ to @@@@@)
    In order to use a Serendipity power, the Zelani spends a point of Vitae and rolls Wits+Intelligence, and then adds a number of dice equal to successes rolled to a roll specified by the

    Drawback: While Serendipity can help Zelani turn a hopeless situation to their advantage, it does not make them omnipotent. Only one Serendipity power can be used at a time, and every attempt to use Serendipity more than once in a scene adds a cumulative -1 to all rolls for the remainder of the night. Additionally, the benefits of Serendipity do not last forever: failure to add successes from a Serendipity roll in the same scene will require a Zelani to make another Serendipity roll the next time she wants to draw on its benefits.

    Silver Tongue (@)
    The Zelani adds successes rolled on her Serendipity roll as dice to a Social roll of her choice.

    Leaf on the Wind (@@)
    The Zelani adds successes rolled on her Serendipity roll to her Defense or Initiative for a turn.

    Like Clockwork (@@@)
    The Zelani adds successes rolled on her Serendipity roll to a Physical roll of her choice.

    I Know Things (@@@@)
    The Zelani adds successes rolled on her Serendipity to a Mental roll of her choice.

    The Stars Align (@@@@@)
    The Zelani makes an extended action in which she meditates on the nature of her gift. She makes Serendipity rolls, with each roll representing a half-hour of meditation. Once she achieves at least 10 successes, the Zelani gains the ability to say that any roll she makes for the rest of the night is an Exceptional Success on 3 successes rather than 5. However, she cannot use any other Serendipity power for the rest of the night unless she dismisses The Stars Align, and using The Stars Align on more than one roll per scene adds a cumulative -1 to all other rolls for the rest of the night.

    Haberdasher's Requiem Conversions and Homebrew