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My, That's A Nice Body You've Got There: The Collector

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  • My, That's A Nice Body You've Got There: The Collector

    I'm running, though he, it, I dunno... is keeping up with me, all smiles and off color/disturbing compliments spilling from his lips the whole while. "Hey, don't be that way. Think of how perfect you and me could be together! C'mon, all I'm asking is one night with you.. that's not too much to ask is it!?" That last bit is practically an owl-like screech. I turn the corner down an alley I'm unfamiliar with and come face to face with the tall brick wall of a ten story building a dozen feet away - a dead end. His sickeningly friendly laughter makes me almost not want to turn around, and when I do the last thing I see is his eyes glaring a bale-yellow under the street-lamp.

    Despite what some might say about vampires being creatures of unchanging stasis and death, the truth of that matter is that the Blood is just as tenacious as any living thing and is constantly changing; one need only look at the various Clans, past and present, and all the myriad Bloodlines to see how easy it is for the Curse to change and evolve. Many vampires know this, the Circle worships it, the Dragons seek to tame it, and there is one creature that is envious of the Blood's potential and will do anything to experience it. The Strix are vampires like the Kindred - and if one were to believe the Noctua Birds, the very first vampires - but at the same time they are very different from flesh and blood immortals. While each Strix is a highly individualistic being possessed of their own goals and unique agendas, the Nemeses seem to be strangely static in contrast to the creatures they claim kinship with. Strix do not possess "clans" or "bloodlines" like the Kindred do, at least not in any way that can be definitively proven by vampiric scholars, and they seem to be limited in how their Vitae can interact with the world around them.

    The creature known as the Collector is very much aware of this, and it fills the entirety of his shadowy being with an avaricious fury. He is obsessed with the mutative characteristics of the Curse and how it changes over the centuries, and this obsession has led him to pursue a very strange relationship with the Kindred unlike anything most vampires have heard of from one of the Birds of Dis. The Collector immerses himself in All Night Society, getting to know the ins and outs of a domain, who the big and small time players are, and most importantly what sorts of vampires call it home. He will be a very vocal if supportive player if need be, though he seems to be less interested in the power structures of Kindred society and more in the people within it. This Strix likes befriending kindred, learning about them and getting to know as much as possible - especially when it comes to their heritage. This behavior often pegs him as a member of the Ordo Dracul, possibly a sort of undead genealogist, though the truth is far more unsettling. The Collector is a notorious body jumper, and it is rare to encounter him wearing the same vampire for more than a few weeks or months at a time before switching to a new one that interests him, and despite what one would think concerning an Owl, he almost never destroys his hosts - though for those who know of his predilections perhaps it would be better if they were reduced to ash.

    The Collector is a hoarder of sorts, he seeks out vampires young and ancient to add to his ever growing collection, like a shrike impaling insects to a cactus, and the more exotic the better. As stated before, he is enamored with how the Blood is ever changing, and he is immensely jealous of how the Curse seems even more at home within the fragile, weak creatures called humans that it was with him, Him! He is the Beast incarnate ( if one were to believe that bit) and yet these pathetic worms who futilely cling to their worthless Humanity are capable of using his BIRTHRIGHT to be anything they want. It burns him, it pisses him the fuck off and more importantly.. it makes him long to be like them, if only vicariously. This doesn't mean he wants to be Kindred, he absolutely abhors the fact that despite their superiority and infinite adaptability making them immeasurably above the humans, vampires still try to emulate them. The Blood deserves so much better than to be locked inside sniveling pretenders.. he could be so much better. This is where the collection comes into play. While he could just snatch any and every vampire who was vaguely interesting, he doesn't. He has little interest in what he calls "vanilla" kindred, which is to say baseline vampires whose vitae hasn't begun to develop towards awakening into a Bloodline or lacks unique Disciplines encoded into their Blood. No, his prey are vampires who belong to rare Bloodlines or even more rarely, Clans that are often thought to be extinct. There are exceptions to this, and it is not unheard of for him to stalk a vampire who has recently been boasting of a potent Devotion she had developed or a vampire who was Embraced as a child - they are rarities in their own right after all.

    He goes after them with the dedication of one would would collect vintage automobiles or priceless art, and it is rumored that the Collector has a number of hidden galleries where he spirits away his prizes - all staked and put on display, ready to be worn at a moments noticed or simply admired during the times that he returns to store a new "acquisition". These galleries are well obfuscated ( both in the mundane way and through supernatural powers) and well protected; The Collector is not shy in using the affluent wealth of some of his hosts to help ensure that his chosen hidey-holes are kept hidden from prying eyes, and he isn't above using the humans he so despises as guards and watch dogs, though he makes sure they are so heavily Dominated that they can barely breathe without his supervision, making them little more than meat-robots ready to do his bidding. Sometimes he will even possess a human in between searching for new vampire hosts, though this is somewhat rare due to how deeply he hates the inherent weakness of humanity.

    As he is far more concerned with preserving these interesting creatures he works so hard to collect, this Strix is more likely to flee from a confrontation than he is to stand and fight. But if he is forced to fight, he does not do so reluctantly, and he will fight tooth and nail to either gain an opportunity to escape or kill whoever is trying to stop him - often with exceedingly brutal force. The old Owl dislikes damaging a host any more than he has to, but if its to ensure he can keep his prize, there is nothing he wont do to destroy those who stand in his way, even if it comes close to destroying his prize..but as long as the enemy is dead and his new body is still more or less intact, he'll take take the chance. This makes him an incredibly dangerous enemy if he is pressured. It also can make the Collector a valuable ally if one is willing to entertain the notion of helping him get what he wants. The Strix is well connected to Kindred society like any good predator should be, and while he does try to hide the fact that he is one of the Nemeses from most kindred, should one learn the truth about him and they are not his target, he might be willing to make a deal.

    The Collector has a vast knowledge of vampiric lore due to his centuries of stalking and possessing rare and powerful vampires, and he is more than happy to offer such knowledge as incentive to entice kindred into aiding him during a hunt. These vampires are often little more than red herrings and dupes to keep more astute immortals from discovering his trail, but on the rare occasion that he decides to be a little more generous there are times that he will even offer his services to a vampire in exchange for agreeing to help him claim a new trophy, and this can range anywhere from granting the promised lore he offered to directly helping out with a dangerous task heaped upon the vampire to even telling the enterprising Kindred of the location of a ( unwanted) sleeping Elder.. should they wish to do something a bit depraved. This aid isn't without catches, however. The Collector still hates the kindred, and it is not beyond him to occasionally fuck over a vampire who is seeking his aid either through blackmail, leaking evidence of the vampire consorting with Strix to other vampires, or even flat out back stabbing and murder if he is really agitated - though he's able to control himself most nights so that this doesn't happen as often as one would think. Still, he always makes note of who he is "allied" with and what they had asked him to aid them for, just in case he needs a few scapegoats if things fall out of his favor.

    The Collector
    Vice: Jealousy
    Shadow Potency: 6
    Power 6 Finesse 5 Resistance 6
    Skills: Investigation 2 Occult 5, Politics 3, Subterfuge 3
    Corpus: 8
    Willpower: 10
    Size: 2
    Speed: 12
    Defense: 6
    Initiative: 11
    Embodiments: Shadow Form, Possess Corpse, Possess Revenant, Possess Kindred, Possess Living, Synthesis

    Dread Powers: Doom: Web Of Destiny Host : Breath Eater Vitae: Indomitable, Kindred Disciplines x2, Command The Lost

    Animalism 2, Nightmare 3, Celerity 2 , Obfuscate 5

    Banes: Fire, Loner, Sunlight, Symbols ( The heraldry of Fallen Clans)

    Hosts: Various, the Collector does not rely on a single host body, affording the Strix a vast array of different powers and abilities to bring to bear for almost any situation.

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    Wrll done, an interesting strix.


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      Originally posted by Omegaphallic View Post
      Wrll done, an interesting strix.
      Thanks, this bird has been flitting around in my torpid dreams for some time now, so I figured why not stat him out and give him definition? His modus operandi makes him a very unsettling and terrifying antagonist in my honest opinion, making him a BTK / Jeffery Dahmer type of entity for vampires.

      Vampire lore and modern fiction loves to focus on the sensual and sexual undertones and metaphors in regards to the undead and their predilections, Vampire 2nd ed is no exception... so what better way to twist it and make it horrible and terrifying than for the vampires themselves to be stalked by what is essentially a spectral kidnapper and serial rapist ( metaphorically and somewhat literally) ?


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        Luv it. Luv it. Though it's gotta be awkward for him to stalk Fallen Clan vamps if their symbols are a bane.

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        WoD Wraith: The Oblivion
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          Usually vampires dont wear their clan symbols on their shirts, so its a weakness I imagine he encounters only occasionally

          I could see The Collector being a member of Naglafar's Army though, he has that "horde everything for the Apocalypse" mentality lol