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Trading Humanity for experience points?

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  • Trading Humanity for experience points?

    1ED had a rule when during character generation you could trade up to two points of Humanity for the maximum of 10 XP, is this still applicable in the core 2ED Requiem? Can it be homebrewed? I found it immensely useful for playing characters who were Embraced "already in the hole", which really happens all too often.

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    There's no rule for it, but it's easy to adapt if you want to allow it. Since 2e experiences are worth 5 1e exp, just give players 1 experience per Humanity they drop, to a maximum of 2.

    Personally, I prefer the method in Thousand Years of Night. Start at 3, and answer some questions about how connected you are to modern human culture. For every question you answer yes to, increase starting Humanity by 1. No bonus experiences.

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      Alternatively, allow players interested in starting with lower Humanity a flashback session. Make them note down the most important Breaking Points they have suffered and play through those. Give them Beats for the Breaking Points as normal.

      The player gets some Beats and some time to get a handle on their character while you could potentially get some delicious plot hooks.

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