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  • Crash Course on Los Angeles

    So while I am doing my do-diligence with setting creation for an upcoming Vampire: The Requiem game set in Los Angeles there is only so much info you can consume, and know what is useful and what isn't and where too find stuff too seek out and what hidden gems there are. So I'm turning too you guys for a crash course on Los Angeles and how to properly use it for Vampire.

    What I've decided so far because some of my players what a bit of that oWoD/Masquerade feel I've focused on certain things over others. Prince, Primogens and regional Barons are important. With the city divided into Domains controlled by Barons who answer to the Prince with individual small domains within those (hunting grounds and the like). Alongside Barons the use of clan-loyalty and blood sympathy is what helps keep the city interconnected and so Primogen are more important.

    I've decided too lessen the power of Covenants in this version, with a Lancea Sanctum inspired Black Mass and various Circle inspired cults working in the background.

    I've also been considering having a lot of the street-by-street domains and power of Kindred also being tied into the various gangs across LA so their domains and gang territory tend too coincide. That being said though I would love plenty of Barrens, where no Kindred live so things can spawn in the dark so too speak. Chinatown (too have a bit of that Kuei-jin feel) is not controlled by any Kindred and any who try too set up shop just disappear.

    So with that kind of layout what be important for someone too consider for building a LA setting?

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    I know that I am late for the party and may step on some toes, but I think that you could potentially look at Kindred involvement with the street gangs as an aspect of Los Angeles, as I've understood that Los Angeles has a gang problem.


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      It would be remiss of me not to inform you that the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines computer game was set in AL and that you should play it but you might already know that.