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Help converting masquerade ideas to a requiem game

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  • Help converting masquerade ideas to a requiem game

    So i want to give running something a go, and i love both vtm and vtr, now i would much rather run requiem, largely for mechanical reasons, but there are some things that i want to use from masquerade that don't have a equivalent in requiem.
    I really like the idea of having the PCs being Caitif - not a thing in Requiem
    i also want to use masquerade Revenants (particularly the Enrathi and Rafastio) as antagonists (or at least the minions of the antagonists)

    now short of converting these things across what can i do, is their anything i could use instead?

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    Revenants have an equivalent in ghoul families.

    Caitiff have an equivalent in, confusingly enough, revenants. Although if you wanted to make them more like the masquerade version you could chop out all the major downsides and just make them clanless full vampires.


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      Danse Macabre has some advice for looser Clans that would work well for Caitiff.

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        The Vampire Translation Guide suggests these mechanics for converting Caitiff over.

        'Systems: Caitiff don’t have a clan weakness, but that’s not to say that they don’t have their own afflictions. Their blood is weak. Spend a point of Vitae boosts a Caitiff’s Physical Attribute by one, not two (see p. 157 of Vampire: The Requiem). In addition, the vampire purchases all Disciplines as though they were "out of clan" (new dots x 7). The player can choose one "affinity" Discipline for the character; this Discipline costs (new dots x 6) to raise. Caitiff aren’t explicitly barred from membership in covenants, but they have a harder time becoming accepted — the Status (City) and Status (Covenant) Merits cost (new dots x 3). Status (Clan) is banned.
        Caitiff characters do not receive favored Attributes.'

        It's based on first edition so the Experiences are different.

        Revenants can probably just be ghouls that produce their own Vitae, though for the Rafastio you might make them Proximi, from Mage the Awakening, in addition to ghouls.


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          thanks for the Proximi idea, I might have to use that, going to wait for Half Damned, to work out the details of revenants (probs using ghoul families that don't need a vampire.)

          On Caitif: thinking about it i can just come up with another reason why there is pressure for the prince to have the PCs executed


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            If you also want to emphasize the "Weak Blood" theme of Caitiff. Let Blood Potency appears as 1 level lower than usual. Be it as the Benefits to rage, or resisting and Aura effect to adopting a blood line, etc.

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              Originally posted by ahather View Post
              On Caitif: thinking about it i can just come up with another reason why there is pressure for the prince to have the PCs executed
              You could also make them Neglatu (if they don't care about bloodline). Or make their sire a Strix instead of another Kindred.

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