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    So you all know I love to tinker a bit with game mechanics. Many of you do not agree with those ideas, but I think that even discussion is good and teach us using mechanics as we need them in play.

    Here is collection of hacks I use for my games with links to topic made about them. Mark - not all my chronicles use all of them - I always at least talk them with players if they are okay with idea.

    This post will be updated each time when I will add another hack.


    LGBT+ in CoD games
    Dark Eras fan stuff hub ( with Eras inside ):
    Byzantine Empire in Middle Ages ( 330–1453 A.D.)
    Conquest of Paradise – Portugal and Spain in 15th century and their conquests
    My stuff for VtR 2E, WtF 2E, MtAw 2E & BtP