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What is your favorite Covenant and why?

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  • What is your favorite Covenant and why?

    So I'm not sure if this kind of question is allowed but I didn't see any rules that forbid it. I am new here and if I did something wrong I apologize. I also tried searching but surprisingly I couldn't find any similar thread.

    So with that out of the way: What is your favorite covenant?

    My favorite covenant is the Ordo Dracul and often I find myself trying to make characters that fit other covenants but I seem to end up gravitating towards the Circle of the Crone and the Ordo Dracul mostly because when I write characters in universe I always sympathize with the group that is trying to remove the negative traits of vampirism while also having methods of allowing one better control over frenzy. I think it's because one of the scariest themes to me isn't gore, zombies, or ghosts but it's the very idea of losing control. There's something about it that just really bothers me and something about it that's really terrifying. It doesn't even have to be someone else controlling me but the idea of potentially losing your mind and becoming mindless or even worse attacking the people you love out of that loss of control that is absolutely horrifying.

    Not only that but at heart I am a scientist and a philosopher. I've studied various religions and I always love learning about history, culture, and even religion. If I was a vampire I would strive to learn everything there is about it and everything there is to know about other beings that share my world. The stories about uncovering lost artifacts and relics are absolutely fascinating to me and I have trouble playing characters that don't reflect my view. As for the circle? I love the circle because I actually have a largely pagan background (long story) and I love much of the "old religions." and let's be honest Cruac is pretty awesome. I also love how Paganism is a large umbrella term for so many religions and how even in real life there are many people who call themselves pagan but barely even share the same view points when you get down to the nitty gritty. From old school paganism to the modern new age movements.

    That being said, Lancea Sanctum is an easy third for me.

    How about you? What are your favorite covenants and why?

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    Last year a my ST started a year-long Requiem chronicle, and it was one of those situations where I knew I had to go with my favourites or I'd regret it. Mekhet was a given, but I had a really, really hard time choosing between Ordo and Carthians.

    I like the Carthians because they can be anything you like within their niche, and Carthian Law is one of the most interesting, creepy ways of exploring "collective action" from a vampire's point of view. They're my favourite example of how vampires can take good intentions and twist them into something horrible and parasitic, yet still claim to have the moral high ground.

    On the other hand, the Dragons are the covenant, for me, that opens up the game in a way that's truly unique to Requiem. They're mad scientists, cultists, explorers, and anything else in between. They remove themselves from politics yet have tools to master them. They seek self-improvement and enlightenment yet commit untold evils in the name of a nigh mythic Wallachian warlord. They also have rad powers.

    Ultimately I went with Ordo Dracul, because my concept fit better with them, and I really wanted to see what would happen if I got enough dots in Coil of the Voivode. It was still tough choice though...

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      The Weihan Cynn. I like their very "social" approach to magic and the occult, making pacts and drawing upon favors from all kinds of the other beings of the unseen world. Their elusive nature and network of otherworldly allies creates something both mysterious and majestic, being both very "vampiry" while still being something new. Plus, I love how their name rolls on the tongue and seen on the paper.
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        My favourite is the Lancea Sanctum. I can actually take or leave Theban Sorcery but the underlying sociology of vampires having their own religion that justifies their existence is really clever.


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          Weihan Cynn or Circle of the Crone. The Weihan Cynn for their pacts and aids, the Circle of the Crone for their dynamic unlife. Even though, I start finding them a tad monstrous.


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            I have a hard time finding a favorite covenant among them. Invictus for their focus on power-structures and sociopolitical dynamics and bound by 'honor' and oaths is pretty dope. Escpecially when combining multiple layers of them as well. combining the more modern 2ed Invictus together with the Invictus book is really nice.
            Ordo Dracul with their structures of mystery and esoteric knowledge and indoctrination as well as their obviously flawed trans-vampirism views and Mengelesque experimentation is quite charming.
            The Carthians with their struggles and political motivations working like a movement is really nice as well, carthian laws and their strong connections with social order and structure, as well as deviating and rebelling against said order is great. The discourse of our way or the highway vs accepting democratic ideals is a nice one. I love the history about sellout rebels.
            Lancea et sanctum is really great as well with a worknig dogma and religion that seems that it could actually have evolved from judeo-christian beliefs among vampires is jsut fantastic. As well as their themes about being the tempting sinner so others can be saved is lovely. LS is a great cult, that is really freaking evil but it can be justified in char.

            (well and then there's the Circle of the Crone, which for all intent and purpose is plain bad, with or withour the extra books, its just boring, out of place, without purpose and just a sad mismatch of new-age-hippe-crap-lets-embrace-that-we're-monsters... Just my thoughts on them though, if you find the CoC great, that's great!)


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              Ordo Dracul, they actually want to improve themselves and let me justify my inner power gamer in character while role playing.
              All the other covenants I'd need to come up with a concept to fit but any character I idly dream up can be in or looking to join the Ordo.


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                Ordo for me, but it's a struggle with Invictus.

                My approach as an Ordo would be different and focus on understanding the supernatural mechanisms at work for vampiric powers--probably through academic study as much or more scientific investigation. The very existence of supernatural forces at work invalidates many of the premises of scientific thinking, and forces a ... broader approach. Anyway: understanding yourself and the capabilities of the blood seems essential to avoiding being a ping-pong ball in a game of unnumbered players.

                Invictus, on the other hand, is appealing because it approaches that problem, of being a pawn, in another way: it gives you a place and a home and all you need to back it up is your word. And that word has mystical significance and power! Oaths are fascinating because they play on an old, OLD concept that a person consists of their word, and that since breaking (destroying) their word would destroy them as a person (a form of suicide, therefore), the word could be counted on. As a social system, then, binding naturally treacherous, selfish creatures into something that they want preserved seems pretty appealing.



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                  Out of the Modern 5: Close call between Ordo Dracul and Carthians, but ultimately Ordo.

                  Including historical Covenants: Either the Senex or the classic Lancea et Sanctum.

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                    There's a lot of Ordo support in this thread.


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                      I have to confess that the Lance is my first love. That said, Cruac is my favorite covenant advantage, even if I don't like the covenant itself.


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                        Originally posted by Live Bait View Post
                        There's a lot of Ordo support in this thread.
                        Ordo tickle the gamer fascination with systems and knowing how things work. They're also not "the Man" in any fashion, and get to troll around with cool titles and the like while working to ditch disadvantages and foster a "leave me alone and I'll help you" air. That's a nice package.

                        One of the things I rather like about VtR is how 2e has made all of the major Covenants appealing for one reason or another. Meritocratic hierarchy? Invictus. Earthy witches with cool bloody sorcery? Circle. Street power club with functioning mystic democracy (warts and all)? Carthians. Insular academics unlocking the secrets of the universe? Ordo. Literal protectors of Humanity (capital H) and Higher Purpose? Lancea.

                        It's not hard to imagine playing in any of these, and having fun with it. Perhaps the hardest for me would be the Crone, who still come across as a kind of girl's club.

                        Go back to some of the Dark Eras and you have a different mix of Covenants available, and thus "more" to choose from. Among these the Legio Mortuum/Gallows Post and Weihann Cynn both sound interesting.



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                          Circle of the Crone or Carthians.

                          On the former, there's wisdom to be found deep in the blood, and the gods in my shadow should be danced with in pursuit of creating new worlds.

                          On the latter, the world is full of systems that need to be torn down and experimentally be rebuilt, and the Night Society's imperfections tarnish their local communities for decades. Someone's gotta burn out the dross and experiment with new worlds.

                          Basically, I think the world needs changing, and I want to learn how to make it better and then do it.

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                            I'm another Ordo fan, in particular going by the first edition sourcebook, which more than any other gave it the nice organic feel of an organisation that grew in fits and starts, sometimes in ways contradictory to its normal nature.


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                              I have to say I like the Circle of the Crone. Not just because of their use of blood magic (although that's always cool), but rather because they don't really have a set definition on how they operate. They're not one organized faction, they're a coalition of sub-groups who make up their own cults. This means that the Story Teller is free to get creative when implementing them to the chronicle, where as the other covenants have a more standardized template.

                              I also like Belial's Brood, mostly because I like playing villain characters from time to time. Not tip toeing along the morally gray area, but just a straight up bad guy is fun to play once in a while.